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Why the PayPal App and One Touch Function Are Excellent for Mobile Gambling

27 Mar 2019 Developer News
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We should all know by now that playing at a PayPal casino is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you love online gambling. Not only is PayPal highly regarded in terms of safety, but it's also one of the most convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

When it comes to convenience though, there are a few more ways to simplify your casino depositing journey. Namely, you can start using the PayPal app and their One Touch function, both of which eliminate steps from the depositing process to make it even shorter.

Yet, they don't compromise on the security of the operation - you'll still be fully protected by PayPal’s guarantees.


PayPal App for Quick Access and Simplicity


It goes without saying that mobile apps make our lives much easier, from simplifying processes to making everything much more adapted and responsive on the mobile device screen. The PayPal app is no different.

It provides its users with a seamless experience from start to finish, which cannot necessarily be said about trying to use PayPal’s browser version on mobile. Since an app is designed specifically for mobile, it will save you time and make it much easier for you to do the following:

  • Log into your account
  • Fund your account
  • Send money to a friend
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Get in touch with support

Every single function that you might need has been thought about on the mobile PayPal app and, needless to say, it’s got you covered when you’re on the go.

It does take up a considerable amount of space on your phone – 371.2MB to be specific. Yet, if you use PayPal regularly, it will be a small price to pay to get improved speeds, unparalleled security and the ease of funding your casino account.


The One Touch PayPal Function – Life-Changer


We think you didn’t need much persuading when it comes to using an app – that’s a no-brainer nowadays. However, if you’re still on the fence about the whole One Touch function on PayPal, we can kind of understand.

It might be scary to think that you can have the function enabled and then lose your phone. Cue huge spending spree by people who get their hands on your lost phone!

Fear not. Most likely you have various security features that would protect you in this case. And if not, PayPal have a huge customer support team with immediate reaction times in blocking access to your account in case of theft, loss or suspected fraud.

Yet, let us reiterate that activating the One Touch function should only be a consideration of yours if you’re the sole owner and user of the device. It will help you:

  • Log into your account and remain logged in
  • Your payment details are stored on your device
  • Simply one tap will complete your purchase at participating casinos

Fraud protection still applies to purchases made via One Touch, as PayPal take pride in offering uninterrupted monitoring. So, the next time you’re on your favourite online or mobile casino, check if you can One Touch your way to the quickest and simplest deposits you’ll ever make!

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