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Online Security: Is It Really Good to be 24/7 Connected Online?

02 May 2019 Developer News
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It is expected that by the year 2020, seventy-five percent of the planet population will possess a smartphone. First and foremost, in such a way, people may use all the benefits provided by the global net: instant access to the information, online communication with people across the world, diverse means of entertainment available on the Internet.

However, this all-encompassing web access hides certain dangers and insecurities. One of them is oversight of a person’s online activity with limited or denied access to certain resources. To avoid total control, Cool Tech Zone suggests using VPN and provides extensive information on how it works.

In the modern world, with a cell phone, lots of every-day questions and arrangements are easily and quickly solved. Due to mobile apps, people make all the common and habitual deals in a matter of minutes.

Mobile Apps are Used for:

  • Buying tickets and making hotel reservations;
  • Using mobile banking services;
  • Connecting to smart gadgets and appliances at home, like TV, washing machine or refrigerator;
  • Ordering takeout food;
  • Checking private and business emails.


This is not the end of the list. However, it is sufficient to understand why a cell phone is so important. When it is lost, a person loses a lot of data. Though, one of the biggest risks is the feasibility for the third parties to get access to the information stored on a cell phone or transferred through it. This access is ensured due to the Internet to which a device is connected.

            Thus, a cell phone has to be protected in the same way as a home PC. To safeguard one’s confidentiality and private matters, it is reasonable to use a VPN for a PC or a mobile device. In such a way, a user can be sure that his or her online activity is not supervised or available to the third parties which may commit offenses and cause harm.


            How to Secure Oneself and a Cell Phone on the Internet

  1. Give preference to the reliable online resources and visit the websites which are known;
  2. To avoid being controlled and to be fully secured, use one of the best VPN services;
  3. Download apps only from reliable developers and sources, besides, it would be useful to check feedback about an app before downloading it on a cell phone;
  4. Do not open emails and attachment from unknown senders and report spam if those are received to the email box.

            The Internet provides multiple opportunities and benefits. However, it has also become a dangerous place. To protect one’s digital data and security, it is required to be on alert and to use state-of-the-art means and tools. Those who have until now ignored their online security shall not wait for being blackmailed or cheated online.

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