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Play Roulette on Your Mobile

10 May 2019 Developer News
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For loads of us, our mobile phones have become a constant companion. The fact we can virtually run our whole lives from our phone which is something millions of us love to do. With apps you can also do anything you like from shopping, ordering food, paying bills and of course playing games. If you enjoy the casino-style games, you may well love roulette on your mobile phone, and has this helpful guide to get you started.


There are several different variants of roulette available on the mobile, and you could try one or many depending on your personal likes. There are two main ways to play the game itself, and then there are lots of different roulette versions. You will find that the roulette games are either computer simulations or live dealer games. With simulation games, the wheel and all aspects of play are computer generated, and software providers ensure that they are high end and true to life graphics, so it is an excellent way to play. You have full control of the game and choose how to play. Live dealer games are another newer way to play, and they are really popular. Casinos have live croupiers in studios ready to play the game as players sign in. This is much more like actually being sat in a casino as you can interact with the dealer and the game progresses more like it does in Vegas.


There are then several versions of the game, but the two main ones you will find are American and European roulette. The games are very similar, and the basis of the play is the same. You will place your bets on the betting mat, and then the wheel will be set in motion. When the wheel stops the winning number is announced, and the bets are paid out accordingly. The main difference between American and European roulette is the number of slots on the wheel. There are 36 black and red slots on both wheels each showing a number from 1-36, but they are arranged in a specific order that looks randomised to the untrained eye. However, there is a reason for the numbering, and it will be the same on every wheel you use. Then you will find that on a European wheel there is a green slot which carries the number 0, and for this reason, the game is also often referred to as single zero roulette. On an American wheel, you will notice that there are actually two green slots, one marked 0 and one marked 00. As you might be able to guess this version of the game is sometimes called double-zero roulette. An English wheel contains 37 spaces overall and an American wheel 38. So, this changes the odds of the game which is the primary difference. The payout stays the same, but the American wheel technically is slightly more in the house favour. Both variants remain popular though so do give them a try.

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