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12 Apps for Students That You Must Download Right Now

14 May 2019 Developer News
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Student apps

The apps that are listed below can be perfect assistance for you while studying. Look through our list right now and download applications that you like the most.


App #1: Quick Periodic Table of the Elements

Quick Periodic Table of the Elements is a free user-friendly app that provides you with the opportunity to see the whole table and find out the properties of each element.

You can find the following properties of the elements: chemical, atomic, mechanical, and physical. 

There are four tables featured on this app which are colored according to the properties of the elements.

Note: this app can be used without Internet connection after downloading.

App #2: Chemistry — Solve Reactions and Use Periodic Table

With this application, you have the ability to solve chemical reactions and equations. The only thing you need to do is write the necessary equation in the search filed and all possible versions will appear.

The app gives you the opportunity to look through the periodic table and the table of solubility. Also, you can calculate the molar mass of the reagent and separate elements.

Advantages: free, available without Internet connection.


App #1: World Geography SMART Dictionary

The dictionary contains diverse geographical data that is divided into categories, such as: economic geography, flora and fauna, soil study, hydrology, and others. In each category, notions are featured in alphabetical order. Also you can use the search filed to find a certain term quickly. 

Besides the dictionary, there’s also an option that provides you with the ability to find out interesting facts and general information about each country. 

You have the ability to divide topics into your own categories, such as rarely used, freshly learned, hands on, and familiar but forgotten. If you would like to add any information in the dictionary, you can easily do this. Also, you can play quiz to find gaps in your knowledge and to learn certain topic quickly.

Note: application is free; however, you can purchase a premium version.

App #2: Where is that? - Geography Quiz

This application is educational and entertaining at the same time. Primarily, its purpose is to teach you locations of all countries and their capitals. You can play quizzes in several modes. The first mode shows you diverse outlines of countries and your aim is to guess which country it is. When you use the second mode you need to point certain country on the map.

If you need to learn about a certain continent or even country, you can do it. The application offers you the ability to focus on various categories that are also divided into subcategories. For example, the category “world” is divided into the following subcategories: largest capital cities, capitals of the world, largest countries of the world, and corporate headquarters.

Note: application is free, but it has a premium version that gives you the ability to use a multiplayer option, learn mode, ad-free option and relief map.


App #1: SkyView® Free - Explore the Universe

SkyView provides you with the ability to explore stars, planets, satellites and other sky objects. It is very simple to use: you need to point your gadget at the sky to find out which objects you are watching at the moment.

You can also turn on the reminder which will inform you about events that you would like to observe in the sky.

Advantages: simple to use, works day and night and is available for free.

App #2: NASA Visualization Explorer

NASA Visualization Explorer provides you with the most interesting and latest research about spacecraft. You can read the results of research in the form of short stories that are understandable even for people who are not knowledgeable in astronomy. 

The stories are divided into categories so that you can get knowledge in one topic. Also, you can mark the most captivating stories.

Note: when you use the application, Internet connection is required. 


App #1: Photomath - Camera Calculator

If you need to solve a math problem as soon as possible, this app is for you! Just point your device’s camera to the equation if it is written on a paper, or write the math problem right on your device, and you’ll get the answer in several seconds.

The application can provide you with the correct answers and step-by-step instructions. Use it absolutely for free!

App #2: iMathematics™ - Learn GCSE Maths. In Style

This application offers you the ability to learn different topics in math and track your progress. You can study arithmetic, algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry, analytic geometry, trigonometry, calculus and probability with it.

Each section is divided into a topic that you study step by step, and you can check your knowledge with the help of a quiz in the topic.

Also, there’s math training that checks your knowledge on the nuts and bolts. That way, you can refresh old topics.   

Note: premium version offers you many more options; however, the free version is also very helpful.


App#1: Learn English with Films - ABA English

This application will be useful for people that are studying English of all levels. There are six levels that you can achieve with this app: beginners, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced and business.

In each level, there are units that are dedicated to different topics according to the level. Each unit offers you the ability to get acquainted with a topical short video, listen to the teacher’s explanation, train in speaking, writing, look through the vocabulary, do grammar exercises and pass an assessment.

Note: first lessons you can try for free, however, you will need to buy other units if you like the app.

App #2: Learn English - Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs & Slangs

The application is tremendous for those who would like to expand their vocabulary with interesting authentic English and American expressions. With this app, you have the ability to learn English idioms, common phrases, proverbs and even slangs.

The expressions are listed in a dictionary by categories. You can save favorite ones and take part in a quiz to check your knowledge. Also, you can search for idioms in this application.

Advantages: absolutely free, available without Internet connection and you don’t need to register to use this app. 

Learning English is significant if you want to write academic papers in the proper way. However, if you don’t have time for dealing with your assignments, click here and buy cheap essay online quickly.

Other Languages

App #1: HelloTalk Language Exchange Learning App

HelloTalk Language Exchange offers you the ability to practice diverse languages with native speakers. You should specify the language that you would like to study, as well as your level and your native language. Afterward, you can search for people that can fulfill your requirements and talk to them via live chats.

This application is like a social network where you can share your thoughts with other people. You can post anything you want in your “moments” and look through other people’s “moments.”

Note: application is free, Internet connection is required and you also need to register.

App #2: Babbel – Learn Languages English, Spanish & more 

Babbel provides you with an opportunity to learn 14 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and others. You can choose your level and the application will offer you courses according to your level. There are several courses for each level and contains up to 25 units.

You will study grammar, new words, the building of sentences, and pronunciation. Also, you will find out interesting facts about the culture of the country for the language you are going to study.

Advantages: affordable for students, easy-to-use.

Note: The full version is paid: however, you can try application for free and decide whether it satisfies your requirements.

Use recommended apps to succeed with your studying and don’t forget to apply to OUR SERVICE in case you need professional consultation!

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