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Online business: how to start a unique project

30 May 2019 Developer News
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Online business
Online business

We live in the age of digitalization when so many aspects of life depend on the Internet, and business is not an exception. There’s an abundance of online startup options. And though no one knows an accurate figure, it’s suggested that over 100 million people all around the globe are running their small online businesses. You may want to embark on an entrepreneurship journey, too. Whether you want to do it because you need a side hustle, or you’re looking for a complete career change, here’s something you need to know.


5 online business ideas for 2019


Indeed, online entrepreneurship can be fruitful and prosperous. The key is to know what’s in the need at the moment and to provide this need. Below, there’s a list of 5 business ideas that meet the current interest of the day.


1.Health and wellness.

It’s been one of the hottest fields for online entrepreneurs since the very invention of the internet and e-commerce. People of all backgrounds, cultures, and economic statuses want to be happy and healthy. And they are willing to spend money on beauty products, dietary supplements, treatments, vape mods (electronic smoking gadgets used to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes), and other products.

The Global Wellness Institute reports about the staggering growth of the wellness industry, which represents 5.3% of global economic output and is now a $4.2 trillion global market. Some of the top niches in this market are:

  • Anti-aging
  • Skincare
  • Hair loss
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy eating
  • Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Reproductive health
  • Vaping.

To sell something online, you don’t have to create your own products. It’s a bonus for a newcomer as it means fewer investments, risks and less time. Lets’ say you want to sell vaping devices, like a vape box mod or vape box mod kit - see it here. Don’t rush to buy hundreds of them. There’re two viable business strategies - Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing. Here you can learn about them.


2.Sell from Facebook.

To start selling something online, you don’t necessarily need to build your own website. It’s up to you what to sell – T-shirts, furniture, kids toys or vape mod kits. Things may seem difficult, but social networks allow you to create a business online with a few clicks.

Services like Printful, Dropshipping, Shopify, eCommerce can be integrated into your Facebook business page, making it easy to set up your production, marketing, and sales. You can follow 5 simple steps. Open your Facebook page. Open a Shopify account. Create an account in Printful. Integrate the accounts and upload the photos of your products. Share your store with as many people as you can. As you will grow the traffic, the sales will automatically grow.


3.Online education.

If you’re an expert in some field and are good at teaching, you can monetize these two assets. Don’t know where to start?

Create short (10-20 minutes) videos on the topic and upload them on YouTube. Give the link of your website in YouTube description area and ask people to visit it. On your website, offer a package of about 15 or 20 lessons on different topics.

You may think you don’t know any subject good enough to teach it. A lot of people who learn a foreign language aim to communicate with native speakers. You can cash in the knowledge of English (or another main language) that you take for granted. Use Skype and Google Hangouts to find learners. Sort your hours into teaching sessions and you’re ready to go.


4.Social media consultant.

Social media consulting can be defined as the process used to reach out and engage with customers with the help of social networking channels. Posting something on any social media platform is easy. So, why do people and businesses hire social media consultants? Entrepreneurs recognize the power of social media and grab that as an opportunity to assist for their brands. They need proper planning, strategizing, and execution.

If you’re social media savvy, know how to build a good number of followers on social media platforms fast, and know the principles of advertising, why not try to monetize your knowledge? Skills in copywriting and graphics designing will make you competitive in this job market niche.


5.Copywriting, ghostwriting (or any type of writing)

Professional writing is a valuable skill, especially for those who like the idea of working at home. A beginner doesn’t need to have years of experience to get a job – just about 5 examples of your work and a few published pieces of content.

To start, create a profile at LinkedIn and other platforms for copywriters where you can be noticed by potential clients. You should specify the areas of your specialization. For example, you can write essays, produce sales content, create SEO content for businesses, write web content for blogs and social media, etc. And if you’re really good at spelling and grammar skills, you can offer an additional service of proofreading.


Major tips on starting a business online


The huge advantage of online business over a physical one is that you can launch it with little to no investment. You can start with as small as $100, and reach as much as $10,000 per month income quite soon. A small investment is a decisive factor for those who don’t dare to start a physical business (like opening a brick-and-mortar store). If you fail, you won’t lose much and won’t end up deep in debt. But if you need to spend money on something, for example, a website, it’s better not to save on this. 

To succeed, you need to understand the mechanics of online marketing and be great at social media. There’re also some legal hoops you’ll have to jump through. It’s would be helpful to consult an expert (an attorney or accountant).

Online business, like any other project, requires you to spend much time on it. If you use your time wisely and can organize your schedule properly, you’ll walk your path to success pretty faster.

Are you sick and tired of your ‘9 to 5’ employment? Tens of thousands of Internet users have already replaced their conventional jobs and started getting income from online businesses. Why not make a switch and move online to a better and richer future?

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