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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Names Top 5 BAC Apps To Prevent DUI

25 Jun 2019 Developer News
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Driving when you're drunk is one of the worst things you can possibly do on the road. The dangers that result from it are horrific and yet people still do it to this day. If you’ve had a drink or just feel a little tipsy, get yourself a Breathalyzer before driving to know if you’ll be able to drive or not. Take a look below at five of the most helpful BAC apps recommended by a criminal defense attorney.


What Are Breathalyzers?

These helpful gadgets or apps basically calculate the blood alcohol level in your body when you blow across or into it to determine if you're safe and fit to drive in that condition or not. It's considered illegal in the state of Colorado to drive with a 0.05 BAC or higher. Any criminal defense attorney in Denver would strongly recommend to keep your BAC limit below that and to follow the law, even though most states have different laws for the limit being 0.08. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and follow the laws governed by your state.


Examples Of Breathalyzers You Can Use

1 Best Smart: BACtrack for Mobile Smartphone: Rechargeable and one of the best ones to go for if you need one that wirelessly connects to your phone via Bluetooth through the BACtrack app. It also has a fuel cell sensor and privacy settings.

2 Bactrack C6 Keychain: Very small and easily kept with you at all times, this gadget has law enforcement and medical agencies grade sensor. Readings can be displayed on it or it can be connected to your phone through the BACtrack app for clearer results.

3 BACtrack S80 Professional: Very easy to use, it can help detect BA levels ranging from 0.000 to 0.400 %. Tests are correct every time with its fuel cell sensor.

4 AlcoMate Premium AL7000 Professional: No need to set up anything as it comes with pre-adjusted sensor. The sensors need to be replaced every time you test for better results with its PRISM technology.

5 AlcoHAWK Slim Digital: It has a nice and smooth design, very professional but still user-friendly. It also comes with multiple mouthpieces.


The Different Phone Apps

Along with the above mentioned Breathalyzers, these nifty apps below can also help calculate your BAC level:

  1. IntelliDrink - BAC Calculator: You are able to track multiple BACs illustrated in a graph and it can tell you when you'll be sober too by sending notifications you when you reach a lower BAC level.
  2. iDrinkSmarter: Very comprehensive, it uses a unique "Green Zone" system as well as sending out alerts and notifications depending on your BAC level.
  3. DrinkTracker: A fair yet simple app that allows you to have more than one profile saved. It also shows stats of your drinking sessions too.
  4. Can I Drive Yet?: Easy to use and is straightforward. It has information on different BAC limits by law, so you can choose depending on where you live.
  5. Has what every BAC app should give plus it has a nice design and layout, making it very appealing.


How do Breathalyzers work?

These babies have two versions, there's the active and passive type. The passive type lets you breath across it or on it from afar, but the active type basically makes you put the mouthpiece in your mouth for you to blow into it. Researchers recommend that the active breathalyzers are much better because they show better and much more accurate results of your BA levels. You just need to have extra mouthpieces with you to replace it every time you check your levels. They come with infrared or fuel cell sensor modules built into them and they help determine which levels are best and which aren't. They have two types also, a replaceable kind that is already set or the kind that needs you to adjust and set up every time. It can be a little complicated, though, so if you're short on time, use the replaceable sensors. There are some that can be connected to your smartphone to check your BA levels, making them very easy and handy.


Better Safe Than Sorry

Avoid any problems from happening to you or to the people in the streets because of drinking and driving. Check your BA levels whenever you had a drink and you're about to drive. Call a friend to come pick you up if you must. Always stay safe.   

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