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10 Best Rarities Card in Yu-Gi-Oh

26 Jun 2019 Developer News
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ØGame History

Kazuki Takahashi launched Yu-Gi-Oh, in 1996 as a comic series. Its main character is Yugi Muto, an enthusiastic game supporter. One day, while a mysterious playful entity invites him, Yugi solves an ancient relic called the Millennium Puzzle that provides him with dark powers. The implementation of the Yugi's competitor Seto Kaiba was the card game that most supporters of the show know about. Initially called Magic & Wizards, when it was commonly accepted by readers Kazuki Takahashi chose to turn it into a key constellation of the series.


ØYu-Gi-Oh Calculator

While playing game, in order to predict the probability of your cards you can always use Yu-Gi-Oh Calculator. Which add more fun and excitement in game. Yu-Gi-Oh Calculators predict more accurately then manual calculations and have been widely used by players.


ØObjective of the Game

The purpose of the game is approximately the same in the series and in reality. The players have to create Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards decks and fight with their opponents, unfortunately with no innovative 3D technology.


With each monster, spell, and trap impact, each player’s "life points" deducted, although every player have the same quantity life points at the start of the game. When all their points of life are gone, a player loses. This card game became so much famous that in 2009 Guinness World Records, it was even listed as the best trading card game. New cards and matches are still being launched day by day.


ØRare Cards

A rare card and an inexpensive card have a lot of differences between them. This is a nice beginning, if your card is component of a first printing. Another factor is that the card has been printed in restricted quantities. Lastly, the older a card, the more valuable it will be. So let's start this list of the 25 rarest existing cards Yu-Gi-Oh. Some of the cards on this list are literally the rarest ones and you think they cost a lot.


1 Mechanical Chaser

This card may surprise a number of individuals, but it's certainly on this list. Mechanical Chaser is a Tournament Pack Season 1 Ultra Rare Card.

Tournament Pack is a collection of rare cards accessible only for packages issued at multiple exhibitions of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Mechanical Chaser is the rarest one from season 1 of the Tournament Pack, and it's marketed online for an incredible price of $1600. Apparently, only 11 of them are circulating, so that anyone who is fortunate enough to have one should keep it.


2 Chaos Emperor, The Dragon Of Armageddon

It was one of Yu-Gi-Oh's extremely unusual cards! It’s one of the Prize Cards of Championship Series. It is almost difficult to locate, as it is nearly out of inventory and even on specialist markets, but anyone fortunate enough to find out one could cost around $1200.

Just getting this card is not enough super difficult to do, but it’s also rather tricky desire, because that monster can actually only be used if the Dark and Light Monster is devotionally expelling from your hand or extra deck to call this special one.


3 Blood Mefist

From the Prize Cards of the Championship Series this is very rare card of Yu-Gi-Oh. It's fairly hard find not even on the online forums to buy cards, but anyone who finds it will have to look for a cost of $2K.

During standby phase of the opponents this card has the ability to impose 300 points loss on their controlled cards. So, it is simple to see why any player would like to get when get a chance to buy them.


4 Ascension Sky Dragon

The Sky Dragon Ascensions were presented as Yu-Gi-Oh prize in Series of championships. So, it's secure to tell it's a fairly rarest one.  

A virtually mint copy of the original print which is much cheaper and became more popular than original one, will cost you up to $2500! So absurd, it is simple to comprehend why, because this card has the capacity to Special Summon or Synchro Summon the creatures when this card gets crushed in your graveyard.


5 Cyber-Stein

This monster card inspired by Frankenstein is worth approximately $3,400. There have been prevalent versions, but this one is highly rare and only 18 are available. They were presented as awards to the winners of the 2004 SHONEN Jump Championship. These cards even bided an online auction for an amazing $23,000.

It makes a little bit more sense to hype this card, as few copies in English are there. Any player who finds a card is very fortunate!


6 Armament of the Lethal Lords

Armament is among the most demanded in the play. It also had one of the largest demanding card game rates, an incredible $1.7 million! It was once reported that it had sold about $1.2 million, but that all allegations were dismissed.

There's still a lot of shift going on, at $8,000. The winner of the 2006 World Championship Series also provides a stronger chance at winning games by any player.


7 Grizzly the Red Star Beast

This world championship series card for limited edition is an ultra-rare one, which is demonstrated by the cost connected with it. It is not currently mentioned in one of the niche sites; however, it is understood that when it is accessible it climbs up to 10,000$.

It is prohibited to use in competitions and formal duels, which is stated in the reduced left corner in an explicitly formulated declaration of this card. Grizzly, the Red Star Beast is only offered by synchro summoning. It will automatically win its owner when it scored an LP draining strike on an adversary similar to many other cards.


8 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

In the series of Seto Kaiba launched Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and is likely one of the most compelling and powerful beasts on his panel. This is a Super Rare card, but for two purposes, this specific card is the rare one.

First, it was awarded the Asian Yu-Gi-Oh Championship winner prize. And secondly, the author of the show, Kazuki Takahashi, had autographed sign on it! In 2016, it was sold for 45 million yen at a card shop, which is approximately 400, 000 dollars.


9 Tournament Black Luster Solider

This card is a kind of a card-community legend. The winner of the very first card competition in Japan was awaeded with this card. It is on its own plateau, as it has been produced on stainless steel rather than with foils or cardbard.

This kind of card is of an incredible importance of around 10 million dollars, rumors that it could be marketed for about 2 million dollars. Regardless of the cost, it is believed that Black Luster Soldier is the most difficult card to locate.


10 Tyler the Great Warrior

In honor of the a 14 year old boy, Tyler Gressie . In early 2002, he discovered that he had an unusual type of liver cancer called undifferentiated embryonic sarcoma, which resulted in a significant quantity of hepatitis, big intestine, and bile.

He was allowed to produce his own card of Yu-Gi-Oh by Make-a-Wish! Card he draw it by him, and that was the result. The nice news is that Tyler not only defeated cancer but also had a nice Yu-Gi-Oh Card by which his fight is to be remembered.

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