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Applications That Will Help Any Writer to Write a Masterpiece

11 Jul 2019 Developer News
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Writing is a deep human art. It requires personality and feeling which comes from the heart whether one is writing an engaging email, WordPress blog post, social media caption, or news story. However, writing is not an easy thing. Many people often find it hard to organize their work and focus while at it. Hence, the majority often wonder how they can go about their writing tasks. Some resort to seeking help from a custom dissertation writing service to make the work easier.

However, this may not be that effective as these services may not be able to help you produce a masterpiece. Regardless, technology has and is making changes in different fields: education, communication, health, and transport among others. Various writing applications have come into light thanks to the use of technology. People can use these application to produce a masterpiece. Additionally, they do not have to worry about anything as these applications can help them produce an article which complies with all their writing needs and wants. So, if you want to produce a top-notch article and do not know how to go about it, consider using the writing apps below.



Draft is a word processing platform which removes the nightmare from version control. Versioning can be difficult more so if you are collaborating a piece of writing with someone; an editor, a colleague, a friend giving the work a sanity check, or a co-writer. Microsoft Word and Google Docs are some of the tools which make versioning hard. It is challenging to accept individual changes, or refer to previous writings which have undergone sufficient editing. But, with the Draft apps writing tool you do not have to worry about anything. It enables you to focus on your writing as well as grants you the ability to share your articles with other people and accept or reject their modifications. Additionally, it can help you track the number of words you write per day thereby sending an email to remind you to meet your day-to-day word count objective.



EssayZoo is a writing application which can benefit many students all over the world. College, university, and high school students no longer need to struggle with their essay writing tasks when they can get professional writing help from EssayZoo. This application comprises pre-written essay papers which students can use to develop and augment their article writing skills. Additionally, you can inquire for essay writing tips and guidelines using this app to enhance your writing skills. So, if you are a student who experiences challenges when managing your academic writing tasks, consider using this application as it will grant you numerous benefits.



Grammarly is one of the most efficient writing editing apps you can use to proofread your work. It is beneficial in correcting all the grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes in your document. Additionally, it provides you with alternatives you can use to make your work much better. So, after writing your document, ensure your proofread it using the Grammarly application. You can download its web extension and it will correct any document you write or any content you type on your browser.


Calmly is a simple and distraction-free writing application which you can use to produce a top-notch article. Additionally, it has an interface which blocks out the whistles and bells of an emblematic or distinctive word processing interface. This interface is easy to use and it lets you zero in on the words only. Calmly has various keyboard shortcuts, focus mode, and markdown formatting. These features make it one of the best and efficient editing and note-taking applications. So, you do not need to worry about anything when it comes to creating your masterpiece.


Writing challenge

Writing challenge, as the name suggests is a writing application which prompts you with various types of story starters to kick-start your creativity. You can use this app to set a timer and challenge yourself to find out how many words you can write within a particular period. This can help increase your speed thereby enabling you to work on creating your masterpiece without consuming much time.


In conclusion, writing an article which captures the attention and interests the audience can be hard. This is because the writing process comprises small stages such as writing, editing, proofreading, and polishing to produce a good article. But, these processes are time-consuming. Hence, the deadline may approach without you having your assignment. Nonetheless, with the help of technology, many writing apps come in handy when it comes to creating a masterpiece. You will not have to rely on other people to produce good work.  Above are some of the best writing applications you can use to produce a top-notch article. It does not matter whether you are using mac or android, you can download any writing web app above and use it to create a good article.

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