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Apple and WordPress – A Perfect Coupling

12 Jul 2019 Developer News
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iOS is a powerful system that has the benefit of a huge stable of apps at its beck and call, with the Apple market always attracting independent innovators. One such area that may call for a little focus is blogging, with the ubiquitous WordPress platform now powering 30% of websites, according to VentureBeat. As with all apps and platforms that are non-native to Apple, getting the most out of your setup requires a little fine tuning; however, if done well, it will make your product, website or service very competitive.


The key is in hosting

While there are good apps to be used for WordPress integration with Apple products, a key point for any user to take away is that you can achieve much through your choice of hosting. A good quality host will provide cross compatibility that can then be administered from Safari or any alternative browser of your choice. Cross-compatibility is incredibly important beyond simply providing you with ease of use, too; providers like JavaPipe have long asserted the importance of having cross-compatible work to present a professional interface. This view is echoed by Forbes, who in a council analysis remarked on how the native cross-compatibility of Google Flutter will cause waves in the industry. Find a good quality host that provides excellent service across platforms.


Keep it simple

The excitement of a new blog, website, or business, can create an impetus to go and try out every new idea. However, wise bloggers would be mindful of Apple’s initial design mission and keep it simple. Simple websites are scientifically better, according to an analysis of a Google study by Medium contributor Christina Cheeseman, and this can be beneficial to you when looking for your app. Something simple, effective and secure will be better for you than a blog app than third party software that advertises too much. The WordPress app alone should be sufficient for your needs, and can be augmented further with plugins and the like.


Maximizing your gains

To make the most of your integration and create good content, plugins are absolutely key. According to Geekeasier, there are a few key plugins that make the ride much smoother for Apple users of WordPress. Key among them is Photogene, which allows seamless interface between WordPress and any media applications you have installed on your Apple device. Also recommended is the Blogsy plugin, which allow you to make subtle edits of the HTML code behind every WordPress page while also having a conventional text and digital media editor inbuilt. Essentially, look at the requirements of your blog and research; little plugins and addons to your WordPress platform can, and will, make all the difference.


WordPress and Apple are very compatible, despite the differences in platform and architecture. Most of the problems you will experience can be ironed out through good hosting; from thereon, it’s all about the plugins. Keep it simple, keep it focused, and make the most of the techno-wizardry that modern iOS has to offer.

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