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The Top 10 Apps That Will Guarantee You More Success

17 Jul 2019 Developer News
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Success is what we all desire in our lives. Success is biased and can differ from one individual to the next. Some consider being successful to have a certain amount of power while others a certain amount of wealth.

To succeed, we need to build the right habits in different areas of our lives. We need to be more productive, better with our money, eat better and sleep better. With that said, here are the top 10 apps that will guarantee you more success.

1. Remember the Milk

To kick off the list is a task management app. Remember The Milk is a powerful to-do list and task management app that can sync across your different devices. It has a free version that has limited features and a paid version with all the features.

It’s a great app to use for teams and small businesses as you can assign tasks, set subtasks, deadlines and more. It helps get things done quickly and efficiently.


2. Evernote

You never know when a great idea is going to pop in your head. Evernote provides you with a platform to quickly store the great ideas that pop up in your mind from time to time. It’s also one of the best tech trends in education as it has allowed college students to take notes while in class.

College students use this app for managing their assignments and essays as well. But there are times when you lack ideas or the time to handle your college assignments and start wondering where can I pay someone to write my research paper. In such cases, use online writing services to get your thesis, dissertations or any other college writing assignment done.

You can consider this app your online diary as it organizes notes in “Notebooks.” This makes it easier for you to find your notes when you need them. If you don’t like typing, you can utilize the voice memo features in the app. It allows you to record your notes instead of typing them.


3. Asana

Asana is one of the best project management tools in the market. It brings all the required necessities for project management in one dashboard.

You can list tasks for your entire team, delegate tasks and see the progress of your projects all in one place. Asana gives you the ability to quickly get an overview of all projects your team/business are taking.


4. Blinkist

You have already heard about how much CEOs read and the importance of reading to success. We don’t always have the time to read books. This is where Blinkist comes in. It’s like Audible, but instead of audiobooks, it provides a summary.

Blinkist is a paid service that allows you to read more books by providing you with a key summary of books. Some of the categories they provide summaries for are self-improvement and business development, to name a few.


5. Podcasts App

To be successful, you need to keep yourself up to date and make sure that you’re continually learning. Podcasts, similar to Blinkist, allows you to learn while on the move.

Podcasts is one of the best free apps from Google that enable you to follow podcasts from your favorite contributors. You can gain quite a bit of knowledge via the Podcasts app. 


6. Whole Life Challenge

The app isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely worth your time. The whole life challenge helps keep you on track in the area of health and wellness. There is no point in having a lot of money/power, but with poor health.

The app allows you to set goals in the areas of hydration, sleep, and nutrition to help develop healthier habits. It also has a multiplayer 42-day challenge to help keep you accountable and to help gamify the experience.

7. Fooducate

On the same health trend, there is Fooducate. This app allows you to get an idea of the health benefits or lack of it of the food you’re about to consume. You can use it to scan any food item to get its nutritional information.

The app provides this information on a grade scale to make it easier for you to understand. It also provides you with alternatives in case you find the food item not to be healthy enough.


8. Mint

All successful people have control of their finances. They know or have an idea of their financial situation. Not everyone is good at finance or money management, so Mint is here to help.

Mint is a money management app that lets you keep track of your finances in an easy to understand manner. It helps you manage your bills and check your credit score. It also has an intuitive dashboard that provides a summary of your financial situation. 


9. Hootsuite

Brands and businesses have seen exponential growth thanks to the emergence of social media. You can stand to benefit as well by leveraging the power of these platforms.

It can be challenging to manage multiple social media accounts at once. Hootsuite allows you to maintain and update more than one social media account on their easy to use dashboard. You can use their mobile app or desktop site to manage your accounts.



Automation is the buzzword in recent years. People and businesses are looking for ways to reduce their tasks through automation. IFTTT stands for IF This Then That and the app has changed the way programs interact with one another. It’s one of the best apps and the way it works is that It allows for you to set triggers.

These triggers, when activated, make programs perform a certain set event. For instance, you could set a trigger that an incoming email with a time stamp should be moved to your reminders.



These apps are meant to help you succeed in life. To succeed, you need to have control of different areas of your life. Apps like Mint help you have a quick look at your financial situation, IFTTT allows for automation to reduce the number of repetitive tasks that you do. You can also use apps like Whole Life challenge to help you build healthy habits.

Author Bio:

Alvin Franklin is an education specialist working with students from schools and colleges to enrich their learning experiences through use of technology. He has helped many schools and colleges implement newer methods to enhance the level of education provided to students. When he’s not working, you can find him in the local club playing cards, billiards and his favorite sport, tennis. He also loves to read sci-fi books.

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