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Virtual Assessment Centres: what are these and how can they make your recruitment stronger?

26 Jul 2019 Developer News
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There are different concepts that are getting used by employers to empower their recruitment drives. Every business wants the best candidates in their business. Since that is the case new advancements are swiftly taking place in recruitment programs. Have you ever used the method of virtual assessment? It is a concept that includes using videos, instant messaging programmes, online questionnaires and even that of web-conferencing services to do interaction with candidates.

Interviews do help the recruiters make the most informed and effective hiring decisions, but conducting them could be a considerable drain on time and resources. It is mainly when there are multiple candidates you require to interview. Perhaps it is the reason that many employers have turned to virtual assessment to attain more insightful information about candidates before bringing them in for in-person interviews.


What really is a virtual assessment centre?

A Virtual Assessment Centre is actually the online version of a conventional assessment centre; floating on the wings of technology to attain a lot without compromising the main pillars of the process. You can find the best virtual assessment centre for your recruitment drive. For your information, virtual Assessment Centres possess manifold tools, charted to behavioural competencies, only like a traditional assessment centre. The tools are managed online, followed by automated reports, hence eliminating the trouble of logistics, dropping manual effort and restricting the overhead costs in conducting extensive in-person assessment in the absence of any type of hampering the standardisation and accuracy of the outcomes.

It might interest you that virtual Assessment has overcome several of the drawbacks of physical assessment while greatly increasing the potential pool of applicants available to the businesses. The following are manners in which Virtual Assessment Centres have enhanced the quality of recruiting.


Getting Relevant Information & Answers

The interviews are formed to get all the main information that is required. Candidates’ responses give the recruiter a better sense of how the applicant thinks, communicate and might fit into the business early on in the hiring process. This has radically improved the quality of in-person interviews and eventually the quality of hire. You know what otherwise it gets really tedious, tricky and troublesome to get the information and data about the candidates.  In the realm of centres it gets easier to attain the information that is relevant and important to know. You can make your decisions on the basis of gathered information.


Usage of Adequate Materials and Exercises

Accumulating data from various exercises can cater a comprehensive picture of a candidate’s real competence. Candidates that take part in virtual assessments incline to be more interested and better qualified than the ones who are hired from recruiter-led interviews. This is partially attributed to the fact that candidates require to take a more proactive role in the overall recruitment — they are given exercises that properly and apparently reflect the characteristic duties the job entails. The materials that get used in Virtual Assessment Centres can be directly associated with the job the candidates are being assessed for. Certainly since the candidates would be seen and observed doing different exercises, the recruiters would have a great idea about where the candidates stand and what real worth they possess. In this way there would be clarity about the candidate and their calibre.


Application of Formal Education in Real-Life conditions

Assessment centres do test what a person can do in reality, not what they know. It is not sufficient to memorise abstract principles or philosophies; what is vital is the capability to apply formal education in a real-world situation. A person might have a high intellect and various types of degrees but still be an incompetent supervisor in case he is powerless to make critical decisions under pressure or lacks the management ability to get subordinates to do what he or she wants. What is the point if the candidate has extensive knowledge but cannot put it to practice or execute it in a proper manner?



On the basis of the design and administration, an assessment centre must provide feedback to candidates about their strengths and weaknesses to cater them an important insight into their skills and capabilities. This shall help the candidates work on themselves, thus making the employment pool better and even be of great benefit to the ones who do not get the job moreover, even if you as a recruiter get to know about the calibre of a candidate and you know that he has the potential; the feedback gathered from the centre can help him or her become a better employee for you. Since he has already got to know about his real calibre and where he lacks; his is going to be more powerful for you in your business. He would enhance himself and become a better staff member for you.


No partiality or biasness

Yes, there have been times when candidates accused the organizations or recruiters of doing partiality. Well, that is not the case in these virtual centres. These tests and exercises are impartial and nobody can play a role. Whoever performs well and act good get the position or fair remarks for the job. Since the centre exercises are pre-designed and everybody is going to get assessed in the same way; there remains no room for any type of cheating or biasness. You can be relieved that you would not be judged or employed unfairly.

You know what it is needless to say that this concept of Virtual assessment could be of immense help to goal-oriented organisations as employers have more time to concentrate on their core-values/tasks. Any organisation involved in high-volume engagement would be well-served to seriously take into consideration adding virtual interviewing to its recruiting and recruitment process.



Thus, having all these aspects in mind you should not hesitate to use virtual assessment centre for recruitment drive. After all, it is all about what you choose and how you execute it for your benefit. When you make the most of this centre you can get the quality employees.

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