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Why are ARPGs like Path of Exile and Diablo 3 so addictive?

06 Aug 2019 Developer News
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Killing vicious monsters, earning XP points, interacting NPCs, and exploring the fantasy lands are sleeky jobs that you do in Action-Role-playing games. Majority of the players found ARPGs so addictive, while in another hand, some players are also available who considered these games thoroughly bored. Our main target is those players who love playing ARPGs and will also define why these games are so popular among players and why they prefer ARPG over all genres. Before moving forward, let me let you something about Path of Exile.


If you’re an ARPG lover, then lots of chances that you have played Path of Exile at once. One of the best Hack ‘n Slash and Action Role-playing game, taking you in the fantasy world where you need to navigate the environment from an overhead perspective to reveal the outdoor areas, caves, and dungeons as well. The main task the game assigned you is to kill enemies in the randomly generated environment and attempt to obtain PoE currency to unlock additional content while having fun with friends in Multiplayer mode in killing monsters. There are six unique character classes, including Templar, Ranger, Marauder, Duelist, etc. Each comes with exceptional skills, abilities, and playstyle.


Similar to Path of Exile, Diablo 3 blends the popular genre Role-playing with Action and Hack ‘n Slash elements to provide players with engaging gameplay. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, it is considered an AAA game and available to play in PS4 and other platforms as well. Dungeon crawler will put all of the players in the game to test and allows him to face of curious monsters, freely roaming strange creatures, and loot as well as treasure chests to collect.


Why are Action Role-playing Games so addictive?


Freedom and Escapement

Several fun-filled activities are found in ARPGs that make them so engaging and addictive. Players have an opportunity to take the role of characters living in a fantasy world, and such type of opportunity is better to escape from boredom and issues of everyday lives. During the gameplay, every action performed by the player is rather unusual that breaks the rule of regular games, including a fantasy world full of magic, distant sci-fi future, and more. The fantasy world appeal players with free and imaginative minds.


Socializing and Excitement

ARPGs are usually played with a team of buddies. So playing games with friends means a heavy dose of endless fun, is it not? In the form of a group, players can experience a table-top game or on a PC where players can talk over Skype or a similar app. With the social elements, players can hang out, explore exciting places, battle against enemies in a team, and defeat them to make a treat and earn XP points. In Path of Exile, the player can form a team with other friends in Multiplayer mode, start navigating the world to restore the peace by killing brutal monsters and make some Exalted Orbs which would help him or her to purchase additional items and upgrades.


Simulation, Mystery, Teamwork, and Interesting Stories

Several encounters in the game are similar to that of the battles you face in the real world. However, it is fun to see what will happen next in such a situation and maybe even get out without any consequences. The human mind can be puzzled by anything mysterious and unexplained storyline; Role-playing Games provide the player with such opportunities all time. An evil force hidden in the dark, a mysterious person roaming the environment, etc. these are only a few examples of strange encounters in the Action Role-playing games. The game wants to see the player controlling a team of other characters either these characters are real humans or AI-controlled characters; each character has its unique behavior and style to play the game. Usually, ARPGs are fully equipped with exciting storylines that mostly people absorb in the fantasy world of the game and then take them away from the real world. Lots of many other reasons are also available that make ARPGs addictive and popular similar to that of Path of Exile and Diablo 3.

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