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5 Tanning Apps To Have Before Going To The Beach

06 Aug 2019 Developer News
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Sunbathing apps

In order to get that coveted summertime complexion, most people will go for a tan. There are different kinds of tanning options to consider.

You can spend some time in a tanning bed to get that sun kissed look or perhaps head on over to a salon for a quick spray tan. Many people still prefer going the natural route when it comes to tanning though and that means spending some time at the beach to soak up the rays of the sun.

Sun tanning does come with some risk. If you aren’t careful, your skin can sustain long-term damage.

The good news is that you can minimize the risk of sun tanning by simply downloading some helpful apps. The upcoming apps aren’t going to be responsible for protecting you per se, but they will provide you with the information you need to make sun tanning a safer activity.

The finely tanned and muscular folks at Bronzed Airbrush Tanning website compiled a list of the  top 5 tanning apps worth checking out.  Without further ado, let’s discuss the apps in greater detail.


Skin Tanner

Before we focus on the apps that are going to be useful when you’re actually in the middle of tanning, it’s worth checking out this particular app that can essentially provide you with a preview of how you’ll look.

The Skin Tanner app shows you how you will look after getting a certain kind of tan. After selecting a photo, you can then pick out certain parts on your body or face that will be on the receiving end of the app’s tanning filter.

You will also be the one to decide the level of tan applied. Being able to further fine tune the level of your tan in the picture would be nice, but what you’re getting from this app is still decent.

Once the tan has been applied to your photo, you will be able to compare your “tanned” look with your appearance in the original picture. If the results are to your liking, you can also easily share the picture with your “tanned” skin on social media and other platforms.

The instructions all throughout are simple and straightforward. You won’t get lost along the way.

This isn’t the most versatile app you can add to your phone, but for the price of $0.99, it’s worth checking out if you’re curious about what you would look like with a tan.

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Healthy Sun – Safe Tan

Next up, we have the Healthy Sun – Safe Tan app. The main goal of this app is to provide you with a general idea of how much time you should spend under the sun for tanning purposes.

Working with the app is a relatively simple process.

You start by providing access to your location and then entering information regarding the UV index in your area, your skin type, the SPF level of the sunscreen you’re using, and the kind of tan you want to achieve.

Once you’ve provided all those valuable pieces of information, the app will then calculate a recommended tanning time for you. Keep in mind that this is just a recommendation. You should still try to monitor your skin and how you’re feeling to ensure that the tanning process goes well.

The app will also buzz to let you know once your recommended tanning time has expired just in case you forgot about it.

This is a useful enough app that should be able to help people out, especially those who don’t have that much experience tanning. As long as you don’t expect to get a perfect tan whenever you use this app, you should be pleased with how it performs.



People usually don’t go to the beach solely for the purposes of getting a tan. More often than not, people are at the beach because they want to swim, play around, and just have fun however they can together with their friends and/or family.

In the midst of having all that fun, people may forget about things such as when they last applied sunscreen. You can’t afford to let something like that slip your mind though as that’s an easy way to get sunburned.

The SunMinder app’s job is to never let you forget about when you last put on sunscreen.

Simply type in when you put on sunscreen and then a time for when the app should remind you about topping off your protection. You will be the one in charge of determining when the reminder will go off however.

The great thing about this app is that it allows you to set multiple reminders. That feature will enable you to keep track of your protection as well as the people you are hanging out with. No one has to be needlessly sunburned because there are reminders in place.


Sola: Sun UV Dose Calculator

The Sola: Sun UV Dose Calculator is an app that wants to take the guesswork out of tanning for you. It’s a comprehensive app that will issue reminders regarding when you need to flip over, apply some more sunscreen, or simply retreat from the sun because you’re already done tanning.

To get things started, you will have to choose the skin type that best represents your complexion.  You can then select your preferred tan level while also inputting the kind of sunscreen you’re using. The app also provides you with the options to select how many times you want to flip over and how much time you want to spend tanning.

After taking care of all that, you can then count on the app to provide important reminders throughout the tanning process. The reminders can be for when you need to flip, when you need to apply more sunscreen, and when you’re done.

Because the app doesn’t take into account current weather conditions, it may not be super accurate when it’s unusually hot. You will have to make the adjustments yourself so that the reminders can go off earlier, thus protecting your skin from any kind of sun damage.


QSun – UV & Vitamin D Tracker

Last up is the QSun – UV & Vitamin D Tracker app, and the best way to describe it is feature-loaded. It can serve quite capably as your ideal companion during your tanning trips.

You can use the app to come up with your personal skin age and skin health score and it will also tell you how much sunscreen you need to put on depending on what clothes you’re wearing.

Speaking of sunscreen, this app comes with a feature that allows you to scan the barcodes of sunscreens. After scanning, the app will let you know if the sunscreen in question is one you should use.

The app also provides UV maps along with notifications that will tell you when the UV index is getting a bit too high for comfort.

If you decide to use the Pro version of this app, you will be given access to a vitamin D intake tracker and another that will measure how active you are in safe sun conditions.

The Pro version is a bit expensive at $3.99 per month and $23.99 for the whole year. However, even if you settle for the base version, this app is still going to be a fine addition to your smartphone.



We all want to look our best, and the way many of us can do that is through getting a perfect tan. Back in the day, sun tanning was an inexact science and we could only rely on look and feel to determine if we had accomplished what we wanted.

As you can see, sun tanning has become an easier process thanks to technology. The apps listed above will be able to give you the information you need in order to achieve your ideal tan.

Moving forward, your preparation process for sun tanning should now involve downloading an app that can assist you in that activity to ensure your safety as well as good results.   

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