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VR Games: The New Trend of online slots and Gambling in general

09 Aug 2019 Developer News
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VR gambling games
VR gambling games

Thanks to the Internet, casino developers and operators have got amazing opportunities. In the virtual world, they can implement all ideas and look for new solutions for casino games. Not so long ago, leading companies drew attention to the development of VR technologies and their prospects. Today, VR games are not a scene from a science fiction film. These are new technologies that will make your gaming session unforgettable!


How do VR platforms work?

At first sight, this is an ordinary online casino. But as soon as you wear VR glasses, you will understand that these are advanced technologies that create the atmosphere of a real casino with the help of 3D graphics, animations and realistic objects. Now, you can move around the casino choosing a slot machine for real money or tables with dealers. The popularity of the first such casinos set new tasks for programmers. As a result, they created and launched unique Oculus Rift with additional controllers for a comfortable game. All movements of the player’s arms and legs appear without delay due to the increased frame rate. This means that your eyes will receive amazing pleasure.

Introducing new options, modern VRs offer the option of chat and sound messages. So, participants can communicate in real time and create unique images of their characters. Furthermore, your stay at VR Casino is unlimited.


What Players Get at VR Games

Meanwhile, some experts oppose virtual reality claiming that it hurts casino customers. Playing vr casino games, they forget about time and become addicted. All these theories and statements are myths. They are created by companies that don’t want to accept new conditions and create unique content.

Let's look at the benefits offered by new entertainment:

  1. First of all, you can forget about the problems of the real world. Digital technology creates an alternative reality where you enjoy your favorite games.
  2. Players get real emotions. When we play in online casinos we are always focused on reels or dealers who give cards. At VR casino, every detail is fun.
  3. For single players, this is a great opportunity to find friends and create a new team of gamblers. As we already said, the new games have chat and voice messaging features.

Traditionally, a game session is accompanied by large payouts that fill your wallet again and again.


VR Game Manufacturers

Four years ago, players first visited a VR casino which became very popular. Yes, it offered a limited set of games, but they took gambling to a new level. Since then, leading providers have wanted to take first place in this race, offering us amazing opportunities.

In 2019, only 3 companies show excellent results in the VR segment.

  1. Microgaming always releases high-quality licensed content that finds fans in different countries. Not so long ago, the corporation created a unique Roulette based on Oculus technology. To dive into the virtual world you only need the Oculus Rift DK2 headset with the optional Leap Motion3D controller.
  2. When it comes to new technologies, we cannot ignore the success of NetEnt. A provider from Sweden has released the “Jack’s 3D World” vr slot, which revolutionized online gambling. The development team created an interesting story, added 3D graphics and even surround sound. After such success, company representatives said they were not going to stop. This means we will see many vr games with the NetEnt logo.
  3. CASEXE is still a competitor in the VR casino segment. At the moment, the company is creating new projects that will be implemented using all available tools. It promises to show how "real vr games look." Maybe the release of at least one game will happen in 2019?


Our Thoughts

A few years ago, we saw similar devices and technologies in science fiction films, but in 2019 they became real. Of course, the number of such casinos is limited because not every operator has enough money to develop/purchase vr software. It should be high quality and reliable providing comfortable gameplay. The number of such platforms is only a matter of time as the popularity of the virtual world, as well as its capabilities, increase every year.

If you’re tired of boring board games and slots, then visit vr casino and get new emotions!

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