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What Can You Do if Instagram Blocked You?

14 Aug 2019 Developer News
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So, you've been trying to log into your Instagram account, and for some reason it seems as though your account has been banned, blocked, or de-activated? If you just noticed this issue, you might be starting to panic, especially if you put a lot of work into building your followers list and media gallery. After all, getting all of those people to follow you again and re-uploading all that content might not be easy. Unfortunately, you have to be prepared for the very real possibility that you might not be able to restore access to the banned account, in which case moving forward and taking steps to prevent it from happening again become your only feasible options. With that said, this guide will help you get back on Instagram and should help you understand what is the best way to work with Instagram. 

Instagram Bans Thousands of Users Every Month

Before we tell you what you can do to get your blocked account back or create a new one that won't be blocked, it's important for you to realize that Instagram blocking your account was by no means a rare occurrence. Every month, the social media network bans thousands of users for various reasons, and often without any explanation given. In fact, the company has recently introduced new ways of banning and punishing influencers by issuing “action blocks” - preventing them from liking or following other accounts instead of completely banning the account. Thus, it's likely that the platform will continue to look for ways to lock down on activity that they don't like.

Fortunately, Instagram also recently introduced a policy of warning users when their account is about to be blocked by issuing a “Your Account May Be Deleted” notification which states that the user could face account deletion if they post any more content that violates Instagram's Community guidelines. This warning also shows a log of the posts that were flagged for inappropriate use in the user's account history.


If You Cannot Register or Re-Register on the Platform or Cannot Access the Site, Your IP Address is Likely Banned

If you've tried to create a new Instagram account after finding out that your old one got banned and were unable to do so, there's a good chance that your device has been IP banned. Your IP address is a string of numbers that identifies your computer network and is sent out to any site you visit or app you use. If Instagram sees that you're trying to create a new account from the same IP address, they might block that activity altogether, or they may wait until later to link the new account with the previously banned one.

If your IP address is banned, then you should be able to create a new account from another IP. To do this, you could either create the account from a friend's internet connection or try resetting your router to see if you get a new IP address. While both of those workarounds could get you back on Instagram, they're by no means reliable long-term solutions. Thus, if you really want your next Instagram account to be ban-proof, then you'll need to continue reading.

IP Banned? Create New Accounts and Manage Your Instagram Activity with Instagram Proxies

The most reliable way to open one or more new accounts without having any problems in the future is to simply use Instagram proxies. A proxy is a web server that forwards your online activity to the end server – which in basic terms means it conceals your true IP address and makes it look like your device is coming from an entirely different IP. Leasing dedicated Instagram proxies is the only sure-fire way to keep your accounts from being linked and avoid any IP banning issues going forward.

Using proxies is a fairly simple process as all apps and browsers have proxy settings where you can input a string of numbers provided by your proxy supplier to connect to the proxy server. Whether you're an individual who wants to get around an IP ban or an advanced entrepreneur/marketer who wants to safely manage multiple accounts, using Instagram proxies is the only viable option.


Proxies Let You Stay Under the Radar On Instagram, They Also Let You Have More Than 5 Accounts On Any Device

Not only can using an Instagram proxy keep you from getting your account banned or linked, it can also give you the power to have as many Instagram accounts as you'd like. While the conventional limit that Instagram sets for its users is “5 accounts per device” that simply means that you can safely manage up to 5 Instagram accounts per IP address (proxy).

Thus, you could hypothetically have 25 Instagram accounts by using only 5 proxies. However, it's important to keep track of which proxies you're using for each account to avoid any mix-ups. To make the process of managing numerous accounts easier, you can create a spreadsheet to track which proxy belongs to each account and refer to it every time you log into one of your accounts.

Why Was Your Account Banned?

Determining why your account was banned to begin with is something that you should give some thought to because it could help you avoid the same situation in the future. It might seem boring, but you'd probably benefit from reading Instagram's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines pages.  Likewise, to keep your new account from being linked to the old account, it's imperative that you never log into the new account from the same IP address.

While some online services such as PayPal or Facebook will often ban accounts without providing any detailed explanation for the ban, at least Instagram will show you a log of your violations and warn you before they decide to close your account. With that kind of leniency and the power of proxies at your disposal, you should have no problem keeping your accounts active indefinitely.

In closing, be aware that the sheer power of Instagram 'likes' may become a thing of the past soon, as the platform is experimenting with “like-banning” to hide likes on certain posts. This simply means that you'd need to create better content that speaks for itself instead of leaning on the social leverage that getting a lot of likes can provide.


Author: Ebbe Kernel .

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