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The Best Tools You Can Use to Effectively Manage Sales

07 Sep 2019 Developer News
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Sales tools
Sales tools

When it comes to running a business, maximizing on sales is one of the ultimate goals of success. However, sometimes there are leads that get lost in the process and being able to manage different leads at the same time can be quite tricky. With technology advancing continuously, there are certain tools that not only aid in managing sales, but are also extremely effective and can help boost sales immensely.


Choosing the right email integration

One of the most effective and efficient tools in managing sales is by using a Customer Relationship Management Software. This is a system that not only aids in managing customer relationships, but helps you stay on top of sales and marketing efforts by making the tracking process easy. In order to boost sales and be able to make critical decisions, it is crucial to be able to accurately feed the software you’re using with the correct data and have it synced with an email inbox as well. Because it is difficult and time consuming for sales teams to manually enter the data, there are email integrations that can make the entire process automated that collect the information needed from your email without having to take the time to have it done manually. Using a software that allows integration for salesforce is optimum for your company since there are certain criteria that can prove to be necessary in making the right decision. Being able to sync the company’s data and sales information in an integral way with the email and the internal system will go a long way in saving time and allowing the work to run in much more efficient manner. Factors such as speed and reliability are essential, as well as ease of navigating or updating the software with the information necessary while still on your email platform. Using this tool can really help manage customer relationships and therefore boost sales.


Sales and market intelligence tools

With little information to work on with a potential customer, it is difficult to identify whether the subject is not only the right target audience for your sales, but also if they would benefit from what you have to offer. Gathering more information on where they work, where they live and which age bracket they fall into will help you determine if they’re a potential lead to work on. This data can be collected by sales and market intelligence tools which not only make a good impression by knowing their name, but can also provide the necessary information to make the sale more effective.

Lead handling and prospecting tools

One of the most effective sales strategies is being able to quickly identify potential customers and lead them in the right direction to convert them into sales. With prospecting tools, the software installed will focus not only on locating possible customers, but also act quickly providing them with the necessary information. Understanding the lead’s qualifications and being able to determine in a timely manner whether or not they qualify to become paying customers will save you a lot of time and effort as well as help you focus on the customers who really show true potential.


Reporting and analytics tools

Collecting data is only effective when it is easy to read and understand. That’s where reporting and analytics come in handy. Reporting is one of the necessary business tools that can have a huge impact on the decision-making process. That is because it replaces the need for professionals to gather the data and transform it into collective data to start the analysis process. This is done by using graphs and tables to have all the information in one area. After the information is gathered, the next step is to decipher that data and come up with effective results that help you not only understand what your customers have in common in order to be able to quickly identify a potential customer with the same needs, but also provide you with the necessary data to make quick, key-decisions that will have a huge impact on how fast your company will grow. With integrated tools like these, a decision maker is no longer forced to wait for a detailed data-analysis report done by individuals that take up a large amount of time and can be worthless by the time the reports are actually made. The tools will also help reduce the risk a company faces by aiding in understanding the data and make key decisions based on quality information.


Process and training tools

Understanding what sales reps are doing and translating their performance into an analysis that can identify the key features where they can improve will be extremely beneficial in cutting deals. With processing tools, intercepting video meetings, emails and other forms of communications with prospect clients is a great way to understand how effective a sales rep is in progressing deals and which areas they need to improve. Training tools can also be used to provide an effective learning foundation for new sales reps that will help catch them up to speed and put them in the right direction in order to focus on comprehending how to effectively make the right decisions to transform leads into sales.


Automation and integration tools

So much time is wasted in having to manually do tasks. Using automation tools helps reduce the amount of time taken by assisting the sales reps and converting these tasks to be as simple as clicking on a button for a software to do the tedious task itself. That way, the time will be directed into doing other tasks that require more skill and cannot be replaced with automation.

These tools provide services such as answering support questions in a timely manner, connecting data as well as pre-qualifying leads. These tools help use the advantages of automation and reduce the amount of time and people needed to conduct the same task, allowing the sales team to focus on becoming more efficient.

Depending on your company needs and how much it wants to grow in terms of sales, the choice of which tools to use will differ. However, it is important to make sure that tools complement each other rather than overlap each other making the data seem worthless or even more complex to retrieve. Using these tools can really help save time and make key decisions that will be translated into thriving sales.

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