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Common Mistakes Made by Tech Support Companies

10 Sep 2019 Developer News
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Tech support

In our increasingly digital world, just about everything is now controlled in whole or in part by some kind of computer. Computers are efficient and reliable, but they are far from infallible. This means tech support has quickly become a necessary part of nearly any workplace environment, ensuring that all technology is at full capacity so that work can continue at a healthy pace. Tech support is so ubiquitous and necessary that there are even entire firms dedicated to helping more established businesses get all of their ducks in a row, operating on a completely contractual basis.

This should mean lots of convenience for the business owner and their customers, but here’s where too many tech support companies go wrong:


Lack of system knowledge

Even the most tech-savvy systems technicians shouldn't be expected to improvise their entire time to figure things out as they go. All too often, tech support companies are now relying more on canned responses for problems they've never encountered or solved themselves, or worse, linking to a support FAQ somewhere on a company website. It's important that a tech support company ask for intimate access to their client's servers and data, so they can understand the architecture of the system and how problems arise. From there, solutions can be devised, and tech support can be a lot less involved with whoever is making the complaint. Ideally, a tech support query is made, the support team fixes it, then informs the query-maker about this. Far too often, though, a query is made, a day or two of back and forth occurs between the support team and the person, and then some haphazard solution is made that might not truly have fixed the problem. Know your customer, and know their system.


Too timid

The famous adage, "The customer is always right" doesn't necessarily apply to what they say being factual. It's more-so that whatever they want is what they want. However, tech support firms have a responsibility to their clients to point out how things could be done better or similar system improvements. Some tech support companies will willingly buy into an inferior system because they are too afraid that voicing their concerns will result in their contract being terminated. As awkward as it might seem to explain to your client that their entire service was built improperly, in the end, the results of the fixed product will outweigh any perceived impropriety. Tech support companies are being paid for their expertise. They should display it whenever possible.



They say that good help is hard to find. To some degree, that fact is very true. Many less scrupulous tech support companies focus solely on the idea of projecting the idea of a fully-comprehensive and reliable system without actually creating one they can rely on. This makes for comfortable clients when everything is going smoothly, but the smallest bump in the road could spell disaster if an inept team is at the reigns. Poor IT support is responsible for a lot of chargebacks, something that's made a more trustworthy payment gateway for tech support a necessity in this sometimes opaque industry. Whether you’re looking to hire a tech support company or you’re a part of one yourself, make sure these mistakes aren’t your bread and butter.

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