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Everything You Need to Know About AWS Developer Training Certifications

21 Sep 2019 Developer News
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The popularity of AWS certification has gained popularity since it was launched in the year 2013. Nowadays, AWS certifications are great in demand. As you can find several testing centers across the globe who support AWS courses. So, if you want to join the AWS developer Training, then there is no need to go anywhere you can find everything online. The growth of such online platforms serve great opportunities to interested candidates.


Support And Demand of AWS Certifications

Today, many enterprises along with small and medium businesses (SMBs) are adopting cloud computing. This has given a boost to the public cloud as it has become an integral part of their technology. Therefore, a number of organizations consider AWS certified professionals most reliable and mature to handle cloud computing technology. At the same time, the significance of AWS certification is also shown with the huge bucks of money that are being offered to these professionals by the employers. Hence, AWS certifications prove to be a great help under those situations where you want to aim top salaries in the industry that too in a short span of time. AWS developer certification makes a professional equipped to create and maintain various applications which are running on AWS. You can acquire various positions in a company including Associate AWS Certified Developer and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer.


A Brief About AWS

The Amazon Web Services are abbreviated as AWS. Basically, these services revolve around the concept of cloud computing facilities that the Amazon group provides. If you are an aspirant who wants to develop your expertise in cloud computing, then a training program with comprehensive solutions is all you need. The reputed training institutes will provide high-quality training experience of AWS to all the aspirants. The Amazon Web Services i.e. (AWS) act as one of the most famous cloud platforms worldwide. Also, the growth in cloud computing services have opened a lot of doors to anyone who wants to explore the world of cloud computing. There are more than 70 services that AWS provides. Those consist of computing, networking, analytics, storage, application services, database management, developer tools, deployment, Internet of things, mobile, etc.


Need for Cloud Computing

Traditionally, there were servers which were installed in organizations all around the world. And these servers needed a significant amount from the budget for their maintenance. Moreover, there was less security involved as the chances for data theft persisted. Therefore, the need of the hour was nothing but the introduction of cloud computing in the industry. The concept of cloud computing deals with the server which is available at a remote location.


More About AWS Certification

Today, AWS is considered as one of the best clouds present in the market. So, if you are an aspirant who is interested in learning everything about AWS, you will be taught different skills in this field. All the candidates will be given great exposure to understand the major applications of core services of AWS. You will get familiar with functionalities, services, security, uses, and architecture of AWS. The candidates are given a chance to learn as well as work on the best practices that are applied in AWS by the industry experts. During this training, the candidates can get knowledge regarding AWS concepts that too in a practical environment. It will serve you with great hands-on practice in accordance with the real-world scenarios.


Jobs for AWS Certified Professionals

Nowadays, numerous companies across the globe world utilize the services of the cloud. And yes, these organizations are in search of those candidates who are well equipped with all the cloud computing technologies. So, an AWS training certification serves their purpose and yours too. You can be easily placed in a reputed organization if you are an AWS certified professional. As the training of AWS will add extra weight to your resume. In addition to this, with this certification, you can explore various fields like software developer, IT manager, researcher, and system administrator, and more. So, the training program for AWS can prove to be a great stepping stone to kick-start your career. You simply need a passion for cloud computing as well as AWS developer training. The widely popular servers under the Amazon group are Amazon S3 and AWS Amazon EC2. Being the best provides for huge computation capacity, these servers are considered as cheaper and faster too. So, get to know more about AWS servers along with their advantages only through AWS training.


Choosing the Best AWS Certification

There are many certifications which come under AWS training. All these certifications come with high numbers of career opportunities. You need to decide for yourself depending on your interest as well as experience as to which certification course will build your future in this field. It is important for you to know that for having the Associate level certifications, there is no need for any prior experience in AWS. However, according to the experts of cloud computing, if you have worked with any of the AWS tools for at least 1 year, then you can easily qualify the exams. Initiate your search online for searching for a good institute for AWS training. It’s totally up to you whether you want a classroom study or online. Online websites including Knolwedgehut are there to help you out with such training certifications.


Some of the AWS certifications are listed below:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Associate- AWS Certified Developer
  • Associate- AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Associate- AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
  • Professional- AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Professional- AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
  • Speciality- AWS Certified Big Data
  • Specialty- AWS Certified Security
  • Specialty- AWS Certified Advanced Networking
  • Specialty- AWS Certified Machine Learning
  • Specialty- AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder


In order to become an experienced professional for developing scalable and secure AWS applications, you need to get enrolled in any of the AWS developer training courses. These courses will provide you the necessary expertise as well as in-depth knowledge in the field of cloud computing.


Expert Level Certification

Starting from the beginner level you will eventually lead yourself to the expert level certification of AWS. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer are those professionals who are skilled in technical operations, management of those application systems which are distributed on AWS, and provisioning. For this expert level course, a candidate needs to first take up the exam. For this, you are required to be either an associate AWS certified developer or associate AWS certified sysops administrator is a prerequisite for the expert level. Moreover, the candidates should have more than 2 years of experience in provisioning, operations, and management of all AWS environments. You must be well experienced to develop codes and that too in at least 1 of the high-level programming language. Along with this, testing (via scripting/programming) and automation experience are required. Also, an understanding of development processes agile or any other and methodologies are imperative for a professional to acquire.

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