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Tips to Launch Your Business on Instagram

08 Oct 2019 Developer News
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Social presence is becoming increasingly vital for brands to market and be successful in this era of connectivity. With designated roles in organizations to improve digital presence, all marketers find it to be the buzz having a presence on all social channels. While it’s thrilling, it’s getting competitive day by day to make your presence count and noticed! Instagram is the perfect platform to reach out to your new and existing users and reveal to them the creative side of the brand.


Being present on Instagram is imperative for your product whether you are a new business entrant or an existing established brand. This is your chance to carve your niche and grow a more personalized relationship with your existing consumer base. To get people to follow you is a milestone that is not easy, you will need to produce motives for your current and prospective clients to start following you.


Following shares the key tips to make a meaningful presence and get the followers you desire on Instagram:


Lay down your business objective

First and foremost, you need to be aware of your goals and should be able to answer why being there on Instagram is essential for you? This is an app that is designed to take engagement to the next level, only if it is done right. There are a lot of different tactics to make your community presence more engaging. But the key to remember is that there is no strategy like ‘one size fits all’. While some brands may use this platform to drive traffic, others may use it to announce their new brand initiatives or do brand contests to keep their consumers engaged. So, set key points and share your brand stories accordingly.  Make sure you have a fully functional webpage URL and the business name that is used everywhere as your user profile. You will need to buy an Instagram account for your business on accsmarket to get started and make a business impact via your Instagram presence.


Know you Audience

Before you start posting any stories make sure you are aware of your consumer profiles and what they like to find engaging on social media. What are their interests and what do they like to see. What kind of content are they most responsive to and what are their general aspirations. Having answers to these questions will help you generate content based on the insights you gather.  


Plan your Content

Make sure you plan your brand content in advance. To manage strong following you need to make sure your content is engaging and rewarding. Have set themes and elements based on your consumer profile research and keep them consistent. Posting mindlessly can be detrimental to your brand following. Before you launch, ensure you have 9 posts ready to post. Remember the magic number 9 as this will fill the screen for users to scroll through.


Use Niche hashtags

Work on the hashtag strategy as this is the smartest way to drive traffic to your page. Adding hashtags to your posts will get them discovered more while more people stumble upon your brand page while clicking any of the hashtags. The more relevant hashtags you will use, the more it will define the traffic you attract. You can also create the unique brand hashtag that you will use to get discovered.


Use customers as brand ambassadors

Given the popularity of user-generated content, it is best to use your shopper to become the endorsers. Every time a user uses your brand’s hashtags or share their brand experience is when you are earning brand loyalty and potential of more people believing in the brand. So use this approach smartly and reward consumers for tagging you in their photos and posts. This is the way a consumer is not only appreciating you but also portraying you as the brand that cares.


If done right, Instagram has the potential to make the brand shine. User Instagram insights to create engaging content and incentivize your consumers every time they tag you. Instagram has over 700 million users and is growing every day, so its potential can’t be ignored. The instagrammers are ‘real’ shoppers and may contribute a significance difference! So, use this space wisely!

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