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10 Oct 2019 Developer News
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With the increasing use of online marketing, the consumer is bombarded with lots of messages and advertorials. The attention span and catching up with all that is happening becomes a struggling game apart from surviving in the competitive environment.  Getting consumers to notice is a challenge because of the decrease in attention span and too much info flow. A recent study by SproutSocial shared that more than 71% of businesses use Instagram to meet business goals. This explains the level of competition and ferociousness in digital world. This competitive atmosphere started forcing the leaders to start automating their social space with the help of automated software.  These computerization tools give the liberty to handle multiple accounts and not limited to one. The digital space can now be automated by crafting numerous messages while not compromising on one social account. To do so, the account needs to be connected through Instagram proxies. The social media tools have enabled the community managers to deal with multiple channels through one bot. Unfortunately, not all are aware of how to generate maximum returns through this new technique. Ensuing the scenario below shares the brief of what these social tactics are and how you can influence to drive maximum benefit:



Why the need for Instagram Proxies?

Social platform sites are one with the maximum restrictions and most private proxies are blocked on their servers. In the early days of the internet, proxy servers were only meant for use to keep privacy and anonymity. With the evolution of the internet, marketers started using this for research purposes. This drove the need for proxy servers of Instagram for meeting digital marketing goals. These are virgin private ones, i.e. they have never been utilized before by anyone. While we debate how this is a crucial need, it can’t be denied that this is the most expensive approach. Marketers are only managing one account either from their phones or their personal computers will not require private proxies. This is more needed for executives who have to manage multiple social channels for business purposes. For instance, anyone who uses more than 10 accounts is likely to get blocked at these servers. Simply put, Instagram accounts are managed through one IP address that can be accessed by anyone remotely once you buy proxy for a dedicated business account. Following outlines key reasons to buy proxy:


Manage Multiple Accounts

Imagine yourself in the role of digital marketing specialist managing 5-10 brands, you are required to monitor message tracks and marketing tactics for several brands at a time and you don’t want to be blocked out at these important sites.


Collage accounts

For a thriving online smartly you make a mixture of accounts, the audience is exposed to messages in 9 boxes but the intention is to sell a single service or product. This is very similar to landing pages which directs the shopper to the main website.


Cross Promotion

Spamming is one of the dilemmas the business communities face today and has increasingly hampered the credibility of cyberspace marketing. No experienced business leader would ever want to be in this vicious trap. To avoid this, a cross-promotion plan is used. With Instagram, you can create no-sales profiles for cross-promotion. These are not generally created to drive sales but are envisioned to connect deeply with your potential buyer and create a sense of brand credibility.


Assess Business Results

This business tactic is the tried and tested way to measure your business results via several accounts faster. This is one of the most approachable network through which you can test graphics, designs, general viewpoint or feedback to any of your promotions quickly. This is one of the greatest feedback sources whenever you want to test a product credential.



Using visuals to drive your brand message generates maximum message retention and hence the fact why Instagram is becoming one of the most decisive medium for social media for organizations. People remember the pictures and can retain the information much better against any business tagline. The Instagram proxies aid the business to create a promising and effective social brand plan. You become the boss in defining how to manage the traffic on your page and how to make business leads.

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