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10 tricks to get more followers in TikTok

09 Nov 2019 Developer News
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Tik Tok
Tik Tok

TikTok is the social network that this year has caused a stir around the world, and is nothing more or less than the most downloaded app in this year, surpassing great industry leaders such as Instagram, Twitter or Youtube. If you don't know it, TikTok is a social network similar to Instagram in which you can upload videos as stories with filters and similar with a duration of fifteen seconds. This social network was born in China, but in a very short time spread to the whole panorama, so its growth is booming. If you want to be successful and sweep within the TikTok platform, you have to know these tricks that we have prepared for you.


1.A complete profile

If you want users to really know you and can relate to you, you need to complete your profile within the network. Add information about what you like and love, as well as hobbies, jobs, and if you want to show a business or marketing image, show what you offer, the quality of your product, and details about it says


2.Upload original content

Something that people love, is what sets it apart from the rest, that stands out and highlights between the monotony, so an infallible advice to succeed and cause a stir in TikTok is to upload original content that identifies with you, that carries your personal stamp. In this way, users will recognize you more easily and you will grow quickly, and of course, you can go the purchasing route, i.e. you can buy TikTok views & followers.


3.Be active and upload content frequently

One of the vital things to have transcendence in almost any social network is the activity, reason why one of the recommendations that we give you is that, besides uploading good content, you share material frequently in the networks, since in this way, there will always be new users knowing you that they will be able to follow you, besides that you will keep your followers up to date with all your news, which will allow them to feel closer to your day to day. This is something they love.


4.Interact with your followers

Something vital to be successful in TikTok is that your followers feel that they care, so it is always advisable to interact with your followers. Upload stories greeting them, follow them after observing that they have been following you for some time. Do things like that, the important thing is that they feel your closeness.


5.Be yourself in the videos you upload

Considering that TikTok is a social network where stories are uploaded in the form of fifteen-second videos, you will constantly have to upload content where you show yourself in front of the camera, so it is essential to show naturalness in front of the camera, so you will not feel pressure and you can unwrap with greater ease. It may be a little uncomfortable or difficult at first, but with time you'll get used to it and you'll upload better and better content.


6.Take care of your content

Remember that when you have a lot of followers, you become a public figure. Therefore, you must take care of your content before uploading anything to TikTok in an unintentional way. Always check what you are uploading. Ask yourself if that's really what you want to show, pay attention to the small details of the content and if you don't like something just do it again, as no one will be rushing you to upload something new. It's better to dedicate your time to what you're going to share, than to have an accident that generates loss of followers.


7.Patience and constancy

Having an army of followers and getting everyone to see your content is not a matter of a day and a night, so it's important to have a lot of patience, because when you register, probably nobody knows you, so that first day begins your way as a member of TikTok. Upload content following the tips we have mentioned in this article, and gradually you will succeed in attracting followers, if you do, you will see that with the passage of weeks, your list of followers will be growing larger and larger, so the perseverance will have achieved its fruits. Once you start growing, you won't stop, so don't forget: patience.


8.Bring TikTok to your followers from other social networks

One idea that can help you a lot during your beginnings, is to invite your followers, friends and acquaintances who use other social networks, to create a TikTok account and follow you, that way, you will be able to capture an audience that was not originally part of the platform, and with it, you will have followers that you would not normally count on if you did not expand to other social networks as big as TikTok.


9.Be creative and take advantage of trends

A vital resource for keeping your followers interested and attracting more people is constant innovation. Never stay at your comfort point, it is necessary to reinvent yourself every time you can and evolutions in terms of content, for this, you can upload content regarding those things that are trend in TikTok, because this way many more people can see your stories and surely will allow you to win more followers to your campaign. Remember, it's not enough to constantly upload material, it's also important that people don't get bored with it, and for that the best thing is creativity.


10.Attract a young audience

Since the content of TikTok is mainly aimed at a young audience, more than half of its users are boys and girls under thirty, so a very useful idea that you can use is to target your content to a young audience, as this way is much more likely to attract followers and people interested in what you offer and what you want to show.

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