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Should real-money gambling apps be banned from iTunes?

11 Dec 2019 Developer News
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The mobile gambling revolution continues, as more players pick up their smartphones and tablets to enjoy their favorite games on the go. Handheld devices represent an important source of revenue for new casino sites 2020, so it comes as no surprise that they promote mobile gambling. The vast majority of those who play over the Internet use devices powered by Apple and Android operating systems. This has prompted casinos to develop dedicated apps suitable for these gadgets, which can be downloaded for free.


Gaming apps available on the App Store

For many years, the Cupertino giant chose not to allow developers to promote their gambling applications to their App Store. Things have changed and today it is possible to download such apps directly from the store, without even visiting the official websites. In most cases, the apps can be acquired from both sources, so players enjoy a lot of freedom, not to mention they have the option of playing straight in the browser. Casinos have developed games available in instant play format for enhanced convenience. The App Store is a pretty secure place to download an app, even though cyber criminals and wrongdoers constantly probe the ecosystem. This explains why punters feel comfortable downloading the apps here, rather than going straight to the casino’s website. Since Apple has changed its rules to accommodate gambling apps, the mission of online punters got easier. There are, however, voices saying that real money gambling apps should be banned from the iTunes.


New developer rules could hurt online casinos

Apple has announced its intention to compel game developers to produce apps that are native to the iOS. Updating existing ones is also required and operators had to comply with these instructions by September. One of the important changes made to the gaming apps is that real money gambling was no longer permitted. This means that developers are hard-pressed to release their apps for iOS, so the code can be reviewed by Apple and real money transactions allowed once more. The imperative of going native might not seem like much for regular people, but this is actually a serious challenge for developers. They will have to build standalone versions of the existing gaming apps, which will take time, resources and energy. Players on the other hand will benefit from these changes, since they will enjoy apps that are better suited to their devices. The game should run better, load faster and deliver an overall better experience to virtual and real money players. Over the years, Apple has built a reputation for having an antigambling stance and it goes to great lengths to prevent players from gambling, if they reside in countries where such activities are illegal. They work closely with local regulators to block the access to the apps and even VIPs of those accessing them from other countries. This explains why for the time being, there’s no need for real money gambling apps to be banned entirely from the iTunes, as enough restrictions are in place to keep players safe.

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