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Make an effective logo for your startup with Turbologo

13 Dec 2019 Developer News
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Make an effective logo for your startup with Turbologo

The logo is an important part of your startup which will give your business its recognition. Hence it is important that you make an effective logo, don't worry here you will get all the assistance you would need to make the logo. However to make it effective you have to keep a few things in mind. The logo will be the symbol of your startup and will determine your business prospects in the market. Turbologo is an easy to use logo generator which will help you create a logo that is effective to set up a go rapport with the audience. If you don’t make an effective logo it will harm your business prospects. Hence be careful when you pick out your logo design and the logo creator. Here are a few things you should look at when you use the ‘Turbologo’ logo maker to make your company logo.


1 Research

Before you jump to making the logo you should know the audience you are targeting with your logo. Once your target market is set then accordingly you can set the tone of your logo making it soft or direct. For instance, a female product would have a different design tone than a male product.

2 Reflection of your brand

The logo is the reflection of your brand and it represents you to your audience. So each element of the logo should have something that will tell the audience about your product. For instance, the color, shape, and design of your logo will tell the targeted customers a lot about your brand or product.
3 A lasting impression

A logo is something that is your identity in the market and it will be your representative. Hence your logo should be such that it would make a lasting impression on your customers whenever they see it. This will help in boosting the customer recall memory about your product.

4 No complicated fonts

While fancy fonts may look incarnate but people forget it too quickly. So when you choose a font for your logo is sure to not make it too complicated.
Tip: A person should be able to know your brand name through your logo in just one look without having to probe on it too much.

5 Selecting the type

There are two types of logos on the market one is name-based and the other is a symbol-based, both serve a different purpose. If you want you can also have both the things in your logo.

6 Monochromatic
If you want to check the effectiveness of your logo you can check it taking out all the colors from it. If it still looks as good as it did without the colors. Then your logo is sure to generate a good rapport in the market.

7 Don’t go overboard

While a complicated logo will catch the audience's attention at once. But they will then also forget it too soon. Simple logos are remembered by the audience easily. For instance, Apple has a simple logo, Coca-Cola has one color in its logo and it's readable. It is essential that your logo is simple, clear and doesn't confuse the audience.

8 You should be able to scale it

Make sure your logo remains effective in all sizes. The logo will be seen on different media sources from television, newspaper to digital. Hence it is essential that when the logo is resized it does not lose its efficiency


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