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3 Apps To Delight Data Nerds

27 Dec 2019 Developer News
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Data apps

The digital age has unleashed an unparalleled amount of data into the ether – according to the eggheads at NodeGraph, there are 2.7 zettabytes of data in existence. But how much is a zettabyte anyway? Well…apparently it equals 1024 exabytes and an exabyte equals 2014 petabytes and a petabyte equals 1024 terabytes, while a terabyte is equivalent to 1024 gigabytes – whew! Anyway, suffice to say that it’s a mahoosive amount of data – there’s so much of the stuff floating around out there that we’re only just beginning to work out how it can be collected, collated and crunched in order to convert it into hugely useful information that has the power to transform our world.


It’s an exciting field, and whether you’ve just started an online data science MSc with a provider like ARU Distance Learning or are already a fully-fledged data scientist with an organisation like the Government Statistical Service, you might be interested handy apps that are relevant to your chosen profession. In which case you’re in luck, because this article is about to introduce you to three apps to delight data nerds – let’s get busy!


1 Sisense

If preparing and interrogating data from multiple sources to harness it for the benefit of business is your bag, you’ll absolutely love Sisense. This brilliant business intelligence software platform is available in app form and has been adopted by big outfits like Phillips and Airbus. It has an excellent analytics engine, is easily integrated with your interface and branding and offers accessible, valuable data insights that are even understandable to laypeople.



The AI-powered ESLA app promises to help users pronounce English words and phrases ‘like an American’. And although it’s debatable whether Americans exhibit the most precise English pronunciation, picking up a transatlantic twang probably serves a practical purpose since American (rather than British) English now dominates many international spheres. If you want to chat about Big Data like a Brooklynite or Bostonian, find out more about this app at


3 DataCamp

Coding is no longer the preserve of middle-aged men with straggly beards, unkempt hair, thick woolen jumpers and active waist trousers – nowadays plenty of women are mad about coding and kids are starting from an early age too. If you want to encourage your child’s passion for code, coding app Hopscotch is excellent – it’s a drag and drop creative coding app for kids aged around 10 plus, and there’s also an active Hopscotch community which is welcoming and supportive. Hopscotch is free, but by paying a small monthly fee it’s possible to unlock special features that make it even more enjoyable. Whatever your interest in data, any one of these three terrific apps can be educational and entertaining – download them on your iPhone today and let the good times roll!


Do you have any data app recommendations? Please share them in the comments section!

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