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How to Grow a Massive Instagram Following

09 Jan 2020 Developer News
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Do you have big plans for your first month on Instagram? Are you looking to make your mark on your niche as quickly as possible? Do you understand that you may not make as much progress as you would like? Even though your first month on Instagram is sure to be a rollercoaster, don’t lose sight of the fact that this happens to everyone. You have one plan in mind, just to realize that you need to switch gears to ensure that you stay on track. It can be frustrating to find yourself all over the place during your first four weeks on the platform, but it’s a learning experience that will position you for more success in the future. A month is a long time, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to cram everything into one day. Instead, take your time as you learn more about the Instagram platform, your marketing plan, and the steps you will take to achieve your goals. Also, learn more about the services that can help, such as the best site to buy Instagram followers. If you don’t have any idea of what you want to accomplish during your first month on Instagram, the best thing you can do is answer a few key questions. These will help change the way you think, which allows you to implement a plan that works for you.


1. What is the one or two things you really want to accomplish on Instagram during your first month?

There is no way of knowing if you are making progress on Instagram until you have a clear idea of what progress looks like. So, the most important thing to remember is that you should write down a few of the things that you want to accomplish your first month. It’s best to give yourself a month, as this is more than enough time to make some major progress on the platform. For example, if you were to only give yourself a day or two to make major strides, you’re more likely to come up short. Tip: don’t be afraid to set a few goals for your first month, including some that are a bit of a stretch. This can help you push yourself to the limit.


2. What are the types of challenges and obstacles you want to avoid at all costs?

You go into the process of growing your Instagram account with the idea that you’ll make things easy on yourself. But then you realize that there is one challenge after the next standing in your way. While you’re sure to have some frustrations along the way, it’s all part of the game. By pinpointing common challenges and obstacles upfront, you may be able to avoid a few of them by changing your approach. Even if you’re not 100 percent successful in doing so, if you keep a few challenges out of the way it can save you both time and money - and that’s something that will make life much easier on you.


3. How much time can you spend on Instagram marketing every day, and do you feel that it’s enough to help you make progress?

This is sure to change from day to day, week to week, and month to month, but give yourself a good idea of how much time you can spend on Instagram marketing every day. According to ViralRace, if you know the average, you can schedule your tasks accordingly. You can also set aside time in your busy schedule to ensure that you are spending as much time on the platform as possible. As you learn more about Instagram, including the way you use the platform, you can adjust the amount of time you spend on it. Maybe you find that you need to spend more time on Instagram to reach your goals. Or maybe you can step away a bit. Either way, you want to find the sweet spot and then stick to it for the time being.


4. Are you comfortable spending money on Instagram marketing, or are you working with no budget at the present time?

Some people get started on Instagram with the idea that they will spend money to make money. Others, however, come to find that they don’t want to part with any cash, especially in the early days of building their account. There is no right or wrong approach. What matters most is that you take the time to understand your budget and how you will spend your money. Even if you only have a few dollars to spend, it’s better than nothing at all. You can make a lot of progress as long as you know how to get the most mileage out of your dollars.


5. How will you measure your success on Instagram after month one?

Once you get to the end of the first month, you should have a clear idea of where things stand and what you want to accomplish in the future. The way you measure your Instagram success after one month should be based on the goals you have set. This isn’t something you want to put off, as doing so can hinder you from reaching your short and long term goals. You must always be measuring your progress, as this allows you to adjust accordingly. Remember, it’s the small changes you make that can have the biggest impact on your Instagram strategy as a whole. In short, have a system for measuring your success.


Final Thoughts

No two people will take the exact same approach to Instagram during their first four months on the platform. Some people will answer the questions above, while others wing it and hope that they end up in a better place. If you want your first month on Instagram to be a success, make sure you plan accordingly.What steps will you take in the early days of your Instagram marketing plan? Do you have a strategy in mind? Share your approach in the comment section below.

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