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Features to Look For in a Spy Camera

15 Jan 2020 Developer News
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The ubiquity of cameras today makes for a very interesting society. There are more cameras out today than there were in the world ever. In every single pocket, there’s a camera. People more than ever react to situations with a camera first and a reaction later. Whatever opinion one might have about the prevalence of cameras, there’s one thing that remains absolutely true: it keeps people accountable. This is why when in a situation where there are no cameras around, it's hard to gauge whether or not a person is being genuine. It's harder to assume that you and your property is safe. But with a well placed spy camera, you can get all the information you need from any situation as long as it's on.


And if you’re in the market to get one—which you should, here are the top features you should look for.



If you’re looking for a spy camera, chances are you want to keep them well hidden. You don’t want to get caught with any surveillance pieces on you. So the primary feature you’re looking for is concealability. This means that it’s small and innocuous enough to be placed on a pin, a tie, anywhere—and not be noticed. This is grade A spy material. If you want your operations to stay covert, you’re going to have to go with what fits your needs, and a guide like Gadgetsspy can help you find it. Feature for feature, the best spy camera for a spy at Gadgetsspy can hold up against the best. You can go for the most expensive. But what works for you is the absolute golden rule in buying a new spy cam.



Another feature you want to look for is if there’s a live feed and a WiFi connection. The connectivity aspect is crucial if you want someone to be able to see what you’re seeing in real time. This is best for multi-partner operations and for gathering intel on the spot. This kind of feature is definitely for the field expert working with a team to arrive at new intelligence. If this sounds like your kind of job, a WiFi capable spy camera is your kind of camera. On top of that, if you’re going to use this camera for home use, you can get a live feed from your phone from wherever you are. The spy gear is easily transferable to a practical application like making super people don’t steal your packages.

Picture quality

The third and possibly most obvious feature to look for is picture quality. There’s no point in having a spy camera if you can’t make out who is in front of you. You can't check out documents if the camera can’t autofocus. Every time you blindly shop for a camera, especially a spy camera, there is a chance that it’s a cheap China brand that has absolutely horrendous picture quality. Don’t fall for this trap. Check reviews, search the internet for recommendations, and above all, make sure that the camera you end up getting has a crisp, clear, picture.


Spy cameras are not only fun, but absolutely necessary in certain operations. If you’re in the business of collecting information or investigating specific cases, it’s more of a liability to not have a spy camera. It is, and always will be, insurance for the truth.

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