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Communication Tools You Need to Utilize if You're a Business Owner

04 Feb 2020 Developer News
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Communication tools
Communication tools

If you are a business owner, you understand how important communication is. Not just between you and a client or customer, but with businesses and the general public too. Never before has communication been as valuable as it is now because of the internet and the strength of eCommerce. Having the right communication tools can greatly improve a business’s ability to reach a wider audience, and provide reliable accountability with their customers and other benefactors. The best part about business communication is the wide range of options that are available at the tips of your fingers.


Check out these must-have communication tools to improve your business.


Facebook is often used as a way to keep in touch with loved ones or stay up to date with our friends and their social lives. The thing is that Facebook is still one of the best means of communication for business owners because it is used by over 3 billion people. This is about as big as it gets for social media platforms. More than half the world uses Facebook, and a good business page can help you reach those audiences and let you share your information quickly and easily. Now that Facebook has an integrated shop feature, you can consider expanding your operations this way too. Best part? Facebook is free.



LinkedIn is considered the business version of Facebook because it is geared towards employers and prospective job seekers. Using LinkedIn to connect with other businesses and potential future employees is a good way to stay up to date with the market’s social activity, and keep a tab on any graduates or members that may prove valuable to your business. LinkedIn allows you to message through their site like Facebook, so you can communicate with anyone you find interesting or another business. LinkedIn is a great communication tool because it is also a free method of recruiting talent.


Messaging Tools

While Facebook and LinkedIn, and nearly every platform offers some form of messaging features, sometimes you want a strictly SMS (short message service) tool to talk to people. The purpose of peer-to-peer messaging apps is to connect a broad range of people quickly. The experts of SMS communication at Messente show how the unique features of these tools give you the best range of peer-to-peer messaging, for personal and business. These messaging tools can include pin code sharing, which is a big need for businesses that rely on remote access for their employees. These messaging tools are good for businesses as they offer added digitally secure messaging, which is harder to come by through text or email. For smaller businesses, these services are great because they are free and allow you to communicate across borders without paying fees like texting or phone communication. They can be used as a good way to keep your team communication in one centralized location for business needs, and you can use a variety of SMS apps/tools for specific purposes like bulk messaging, or invoice messaging.


Feedback and Comments Function

Any good business will have a site, and it is almost necessary for the digital age. Really good business sites will include a direct communication line for concerns or comments for your consideration. If you want to improve your relations with customers and clients, you are going to want to hear what they have to say. Of course, there are going to be some less than favorable comments you will receive, but learning from criticism is a skill you are going to need to use to grow as a business.

Imagine trying to reach out to each customer or client to get their feedback? It would be a ridiculous task to try and reach out to everyone. Implementing these features is a much easier way to allow for feedback. Make sure that this is a line to you or your communication department (if you have one, if not that is okay too) and not publicly posted. Bad reviews should be taken into consideration to improve your business relations, but seeing bad reviews can put people off from doing business with you. The digital age of business means a much bigger emphasis on communication. The modern business is almost required to have a good online presence, because the internet is where much of the business world is taking their skills to. One of the most important parts of the business because of the internet is communication tools. Social skills are an asset, just as they were in the “real” world.


Implementing the tools listed above in your business practices will allow you to reach wider audiences, and interact with businesses, customers, clients, and the public at large. Great businesses have great communication strategies, and apps, social media platforms, and website functions and features should all be part of those strategies.

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