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Online casinos and apps

04 Feb 2020 Developer News
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Having reviewed more than 20,000 apps, we find more and more of them are casino related. Upon research, a main reason for this is a recent court ruling in the USA that has moved management of casino licenses over from the Federal level to individual state jurisdiction. This has led to some strange situations like the recent Super Bowl where more bets were placed than ever before but citizens of New York had to cross the border to New Jersey to place the bets.  Indeed, this year’s Super Bowl offered a massive range of betting options.

The range of options has also increased dramatically. The first casino apps consisted of the usual suspects like blackjack, poker and slots but the field has moved considerably forward since then. There are not only online casinos like online casino Australia but following the trend In hotel booking and flight booking sites like , there are also casino comparison sites that review and evaluate the various sites out there. They also vet the sites for security and safety which is comforting to know.


Apps that offer odds calculators have also become popular. As the players seeks to increase their chances of winning, they also try to increase the returns on each bet. You no longer need a degree in mathematics as the are apps that can do the math for you and we found some interesting information here . As a big fan of live poker on TV, I always am impressed by the percentages that appear beside each players hands. Knowledge is power and knowing if you are a probable loser is good to know. As Kenny Rogers famously sang, “You gotta know when to hold, know when to fold”.

 An interesting new development is the bankroll app that keeps score of your winnings, or losses, whichever that may be. It’s important to gamble responsibly and apps like these keep us on track to some extent. Most of us love a small flutter on the Grand national or our favourite football team so it can be entertaining, fun and rewarding if managed correctly.

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