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Best BBQ Thermometer Apps

11 Feb 2020 Developer News
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Cooking meat is not an easy task, let alone barbequing. Although we can’t simplify the entire process, we can attempt to make temperature measuring a tad bit easier. Here is a list of the best BBQ thermometer apps that deserve your attention.



EasyBBQ App

NutriChef thermometer uses the EasyBBQ app to track the status of your meat. Here are some of the features which are worth checking out.

  • Temperature history

It is hard to remember the right temperature to smoke the meat. Even if you use the best pellet grills under 500$ on the market, things could go wrong is you don’t monitor the temperature closely. Not anymore. This app allows you to do so with the help of its temperature history timeline feature. It allows the user to smoke the meat at the right temperature at all times without even remembering it.

  • Alarms

The next feature which makes this app useful is the presence of alarm and notification. This feature informs the cook whether the meat is done or if it is cooking beyond the necessary amount. The app makes uses of a pocket alarm as well as push notifications to alert the cook about it.

  • Preset recipes

 The app stores important data regarding cooked meat and monitors the food temperature. This data can be then used for your favorite recipes so that you don't have to calibrate it every time.

Smart BBQ App

The Smart BBQ App allows you to monitor different types of meat effortlessly. Here are some of the features which make it attractive to users.

  • Preset options

The app comes with preset temperature options for 11 different kinds of meat. This makes the app a perfect fit for people who are busy and cannot spend a lot of time cooking. In addition, it can also preset the level of doneness required for different types of meat.

  • Monitoring the meat

The thermometer comes with 4 probes that can be inserted into four different types of meat. This way, you can monitor 4 meat types at the same time. And, you can do all of this even when you are 160 feet away from the action.

  • Alarming option

The app provides the user with an alarm. This alarm will beep and flash the backlight of the phone once the food is ready.

Inkbird BBQ Thermometer App

The last thermometer app on the list comes with a lot of preset options and more. Here are some of the important features of this app.

  • Multilevel alarm system

Unlike other apps, this app will notify you of different levels of alarm. Here you get two types of alarm - High and Low. You will be notified once the meat reaches the temperature programmed in the app.

  • Meat options

The app provides 12 meat modes which give you a lot of options to choose from. All you need to do is put it on the preferred meat option in the app and let the app do its magic.

  • Timer and temperature graph

The temperature graph is another useful feature that will allow you to track the temperature fluctuations. Moreover, the timer will allow the users to put in the time required for cooking the meat and let the app take care of the rest.


The Wrap Up

These were some of the best BBQ thermometer apps that will make your life easy and barbequing fun! Check them out now.

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