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How to Market a New App

12 Feb 2020 Developer News
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With so many apps out there, developers need to have marketing strategies in place for their app to be successful. There are many great apps out there that don’t get noticed because they’re ranking too low in the App Store or because they’re not being marketed to the right audience. If you’re a developer trying to get your new app noticed, utilizing several (or all!) of the following strategies can help you market their apps more successfully.


Know the audience

Knowing your audience is essential when it comes to marketing. You should have a clear idea of who your app will appeal to and how you can reach that audience. Audience analysis helps you develop a marketing plan that meets your audience’s needs. For example, if you’ve developed an education app for toddlers, a colorful app icon may appeal to them — but you also have to know how to market the app to parents since they’re the ones who will download it for the toddlers.


Create hype with a pre-launch website

There is no reason to wait until the app launches to start marketing. A pre-launch website can feature some teasers of the app to start getting people excited. You can put a promo video up and then start linking to the site through social media. You can continue to utilize the website after the app launches. Knowing when to use sales funnel software on your website can lead people to download or purchase your app. You can also provide information about updates and new features.


Showcase the app’s best features

The features you choose to showcase of your app can make or break your marketing. You might be tempted to take photos or make videos of everything your app has to offer, but what you should do is showcase the best of the best. Content should immediately engage people. When making a video, avoid long videos that focus on only one feature of the app. Instead, create a video that teases snippets of various features. Your content should show people why they need to download the app.


Utilize social media

Social media is a great way to start reaching your target audience and communicating with them. Similar to a pre-launch website, you’ll want to get your social media accounts up in advance and start providing teasers for your app. Once the launch apps, social media provides you with a way to connect with users. Encourage users to share screenshots from the app. For example, if it is a gaming app, encourage people to share videos of their favorite part of the game. Also, encourage users to provide feedback.


Focus on your rankings

Once your app launches, focus on approving your rankings in the App Store. Without ranking high, people will not find your app unless they purposefully search for it. App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies include using utilizing target keywords, encouraging user reviews, and having a visually appealing app icon. The more people that download your app, the higher it will rank in the App Store. Look at high-ranking competitor apps to see what keywords they’re using in the description and start incorporating them into your own description.


Communicate with users

Engaging users is a great way to get more people to review your app. It is also a good way to get feedback on your app. Developers that incorporate user feedback into app updates show that they are listening to people. Most apps are created to meet a market demand. By considering feedback and making improvements, you’re more likely to retain users. Some developers will soft-launch an app to gather user feedback before an official launch. This allows them to make improvements before it goes live.


Avoid false advertising

At no part during a marketing campaign should you use false advertising. Some developers will showcase features that aren’t actually included in the app or they’ll offer a promotion that doesn’t really exist. Once users realize they’ve fallen for false advertising, they’re likely to delete the app and write a negative review. To keep your reviews as good as possible (and your users happy) make sure you only advertise features that you intend to deliver.


Final thoughts

There are plenty of ways to build hype around the launch of an app, especially when you have a target audience in mind. Developing a marketing campaign that details what to do before and after launch can help your app rank higher in the App Store. The higher you rank, the more people will download your app.

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