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Top 5 Apple Apps for Teachers

17 Feb 2020 Developer News
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Teacher apps

Technology helps teachers to interact easily with students and parents in order to achieve education goals. It also helps the teacher to confirm or be certain about the content taught in class. Writing services also use apps to provide credible samples and examples for onward recommendation to students. A teacher can use apps to engage students in class. The apps are also helpful in tracking the performance of a student as well as collaborating with parents in order to achieve learning goals. Luckily, there are enough apps for all the desired uses by a teacher. Here are 5 of the best apps for use by teachers.


1 Kahoot

An engaging class is fun for the students and helps the teacher to achieve learning goals. The app will turn your class into a playground that makes lessons memorable. Kahoot allows the teacher to prepare the lessons in advance. The app will transform these lessons into games that will assist your student to understand the concepts. Both the student and the teacher have to download the app. Since both the student and the teacher will have the app on their phone, it will serve as a buzzer when answering questions. The app is available on all smart devices running on iOS or Android.


2 Schoology

Schoology makes it easy for a teacher to manage his or her class. You can also access the app on computer with all features as elaborate as on the app. You get a basic package that includes instructional tools to allow you create desired courses. It is intuitive and simple to use for the teacher. The app features a calendar, grade book, online register, and other feedback features. The app allows collaboration with other students, teachers, and even parents. You can hold discussions and issue assignments on the free version. Once you upgrade to the enterprise version, you get advanced administrative features, the ability to set rubrics, and more student data collection tools. You have all the class at the palm of your hand.


3 Remind

Remind is a communication app that will help you stay in touch with the students, other teachers handling the same students, parents, and school administration in order to track the progress and performance of the student. You can make group chats, announcements for the entire class, and contact individuals privately. Remind comes with the option of multiple languages, allowing you to handle an international class. The app may translate content for participants into more than 70 languages. It is one of the best teacher apps available on iOS and Android.


4 ClassDoJo

A successful teacher manages his class and can command the behavior of students. ClassDoJo is a management tool designed to assist a teacher to communicate and understand the behavior of students. Your time, purpose, and area of interest will determine the extent to which you can use the app. You award the students points for positive behavior and negate when the behavior is unpleasant. The information helps you to assess the overall behavior of the student. The information may be shared with administrators and parents for action. You are in full control of the behavior of your students and can assist them to improve.


5 Nearpod

It is a convenient app for creative interactive lessons, digital content, and presentations. The content can be shared with the class or other teachers for review. The content is created using text, images, videos, and such other content formats. The lesson is synchronized to their devices, enabling the students to follow in real time.

Reviews of the best apps for teachers will help you to choose the most fitting application for each purpose. Choose an app with advanced features with multiple possibilities. An app whose usability can be synchronized for remote access will help you collaborate easily with parents, teachers, and other school administrators.

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