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Key Factors to Launch a Successful Podcast

18 Feb 2020 Developer News
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The number of podcast listeners was quantified in 2018, and it was estimated that there 73 million listeners in the US alone; it’s expected to reach almost twice that number in 2022. Podcasts weren’t always this popular so we must trace it to its roots to see how it has evolved into what it is today. Podcasting as we know it was born back in 2000 when an artist and a software engineer were thinking out of the box. Originally, the main focus was on the distribution of automated media, highlighting video rather than audio. Since the internet was still in its infancy, they decided that the distribution of audio would be easier as file sizes were much lower. It didn’t take long for the world and media to catch on onto podcasts and was launched into popularity through the major figures like George W. Bush and Steve Jobs. A successful podcast today can net you money and fame, so we’ll be talking about the basics that every podcaster should secure.



Any business has started with a concept or a mission that it wishes to manifest into its full version. Your podcast must have a purpose since there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there. You want to define what it means to have a successful podcast; downloads, controversy, fame, or money. For many people, a successful podcast is one where they let their creative juices flow without constraint, even if it doesn’t net them any materialistic gain or popularity. Make sure your purpose aligns with the definition of success to have a good start.


Extra Platforms

Podcasts are latched onto many different platforms that can help it reach success. The media format is much easier to integrate than videos on numerous platforms. While a podcast only needs an audio platform to be listened to, having a site can be helpful. You can use your website to offer transcriptions of the audio and even translate the content to attract a bigger target audience. You can use your site to document your podcasts into series to help give new listeners context of your content. Some podcasts even are recorded interviews in video format to add an extra sensory layer to help them stand out.



Podcasts are not immune to obstacles and shortcomings. You need to make sure you have a core sense of purpose and passion to be able to make it. You don’t want to create a podcast to delete it the first moment something goes wrong. This is why the topics you choose to discuss must be things that you’re passionate about and willing to fight hardships for.


A Good Name is Good Game

We’ve mentioned that there are huge numbers of podcasts on numerous topics. This is why you’ll have to find a name to make sure that your podcast stands out and piques the interest of listeners. Whether you choose a serious or a funny, ironic name, you have to make sure that it’s relevant to the content the podcast is about. The podcast’s name is important, but you shouldn't make it stress you out with overthinking it. Brainstorming with friends can get the job done efficiently as you can take their opinions.


Interesting Interviews

When a podcast is still starting, it won’t have a big fanbase, and you’ll have to find ways to attract listeners to your podcast easily. Interviews are one of the things that make podcasts special, and people are always on the lookout for good interviews. You’ll have to do some networking and find podcasts, special people would be interested to hear from. Artists or entrepreneurs are great first choices as they already have a big fan base, helping you direct some of their fans to you. The bigger the name, the better for your show. In-person interviews are seen much better than over-the-phone ones since they’ll have better audio and your listeners would be more comfortable that way.


Good Audio

The podcast medium is an exclusively auditory experience. Your listeners should be able to hear every word said and music crystal-clear. You’ll want to research on microphones as much as possible to be able to find something within your budget. Upgrading your system once the podcast kicks off is recommended as well. Audio editing is also very important as it will help you overcome technical, hardware difficulties and arrange the content of the podcast easily.


Podcasts have already begun to revolutionize the entertainment indu technical, hardwarecessful podcasters can make a full-time living income through their content. Make sure you do a good job of researching your topics and equipment to smoothen the process of launching a podcast.

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