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6 ways to convert Instagram Followers into Customers

26 Feb 2020 Developer News
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To sell on Instagram, you must have good knowledge of your audience. However, it is not as easy as it sounds to convert your Instagram followers into customers, but it’s not possible.

 Your account must have these three characteristics to sell online via Instagram:

  • good content,
  • empathic language,
  • The simplicity of contact and purchase. 


As Instagram is an image dedicated platform, so good content image means quality photographs. Your product must be attractive, and your brand must be remembered. With empathy, that is, the ability to understand the emotions and moods of others, we are able to build a relationship of trust with our followers. 


Here are the best ways to increase the sales of your products:


1: Make your Instagram profile represent your products. 

The first step is to create a profile that aims to attract potential customers.

Let's start with the bio, inserting the website, city and telephone number is very useful, buying real Instagram followers from trusted seller which makes it professional but also human. You can also welcome your buyers by including a call to action that is an invitation to act, "Discover the new catalog" can be an example. If you regularly publish Instagram Stories, you can create albums to present offers and new products. Always keep the Stories highlighted in order, use nice covers, and insert the theme of the product. Having a professional account does not mean posting only product images.

You can post images that relate to your company, such as a business trip or a meeting with new customers or collaborators. People love to go back to where they have felt, don't forget it!


2: Create your own personal brand hasting 

The hashtag brand, to be included in the biography (bio) and to be used when you publish new images, must be as personal as possible. Remember to add it to tags that use them when you publish a new post, and it makes your product recognized and to gain greater visibility. Inserting the branded hashtags in your posts will also allow you to increase the awareness of your brand.


3: Engage your followers with empathy

The company-consumer relationship is fundamental for making a sale, and the basis for establishing a relationship is to build trust. Try to answer their comments, ask questions, and engage with them. Only by knowing your audience, you can satisfy their desires by creating that emotional connection that is the basis of conversion. The content you share must be designed based on the specific needs of your target to create personalized messages. And don't forget empathy. Remember that the Identity brand must be clear and recognizable when you are selling through Instagram. The brand derives from the synergy of several elements: trust, design, strategy, marketing, advertising, logo, and corporate identity. They are all very important concepts.


4: Remember that investing is necessary: ​​use Instagram ADS to promote your products

If you want to sell your products with Instagram, your strategy must include promoting your business profile with Instagram ADS, feeds, or even stories if it has reached 10m followers.

Remember: to get the visibility you need to invest.


In this case, you can follow two ways:

1. The promotions directly from Instagram (the "Highlight")

2. The Ad Manager from Business Manager.


The second option is certainly the complete one as it offers different objectives, greater targeting opportunities, allow you to define the setting, the viewing times of the advertisements, and much more. Each market has its own characteristics: don't think about knowing the Instagram market just because you have an account.

Business Manager Experts can direct you to the right choices so as not to waste money on unnecessary advertisements.


5: Use the Catalog function, designed by Instagram to sell your products

With an Instagram business account, you also have the option to use the Catalog function. Through the Catalog function, you can add all your products on Instagram.

There are three options for linking a product catalog to your corporate Instagram account:

A Using an e-commerce platform: with Shopify or BigCommerce, you can configure a showcase on Facebook through these platforms.

B Using Catalog Management: It is useful if you want to create a new catalog in Catalog Management or if you want to connect to a catalog that you already manage.

C Add a showcase on your linked Facebook page: In this case, however, you will not be able to request the analysis with Shopping on Instagram. With the Product Catalog connected to Instagram, you will be able to enable your product tag within the posts in the feed and in the Stories.


Instagram Stories for business really work?


Of course, they work, but they must be well done! That’s Instagram Stories Ads have been introduced. Mark Zuckerberg, always attentive to the needs of brands, has thus allowed companies to reach an ever-wider audience. Did you know that also for Stories, you can analyze the results obtained due to Instagram Analytics? A tip that we can give you is to mark, for each campaign you do, the results obtained in terms of target, conversions, and views, in order to catch any "errors" and to better target your next campaigns. We publish stories on Instagram with great frequency, and we owe most of the traffic on our website to this tool. 



6. Humanize your business concept

The sharing of your human side will give authenticity to the eyes of followers to get you to prefer a competitor that is shown with the usual glossy pictures with the company logo. The companies, more or less large, must use Instagram to show the talents of their employees while they are working on some project or during some event. 

Showing employees as an important part of the company allows users to appreciate the human side of your business, for the benefit of the relationship of trust that must be established. As you can understand, using Instagram for your business is not as simple as it seems, and it is necessary to constantly analyze the results of the campaigns to achieve the objectives. In summary, remember that when it comes to how to do marketing with Instagram, you must always keep these factors in mind:

· Write a catchy but real biography

· Choose the main theme

· Use a recognizable style

· Use the correct hashtags

· Analyze and constantly monitor the results obtained.


We hope you will find this article useful. If you have other tips, share them with our readers in the comments!

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