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Forex trading apps

02 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Forex apps

When dealing with foreign currency trading it’s important to have the best tools, apps and advice that you can get. We have reviewed many Forex trading apps and during that time, also looked at the backgrounds to some of the advice and tools that they use for gathering the information. The market in foreign currencies has become truly global and 24/7 as modern demands insist that data and access are always online and up to date. The increase in speed of the modern business environment has also increased the demand for faster access to the Forex exchanges.


Some of the best forex trading apps for iPhone would include and Forex all in one. They include real-time price quotes and live charts and also have real news about the current market from specialists around the world. Both apps have been in the AppStore for many years and have earned some strong ratings from hundreds of thousands of users. It’s important for users that the developers update the aps frequently to keep up with improvements in the AppStore.  This is the situation for both of those apps, but we have had to remove some others from our list due to a lack of support from the developers. Although we appreciate that Apple keeps updating it’s software and introducing new iPhone models making support for apps a never ending challenge, we are often surprised by the disappearance of apps that had cost users money to purchase.

On top of needing good apps, any serious forex trader needs good advice. There are a wide range of websites that can do this for you an example of which is FinmaxFX which provides some sound advice on what to look for in signals and different trading strategies. They also cover different trading tools and platforms, something interesting and important for beginners and experts alike. Some of the topics covered are the comparisons of different trading strategies like swing trading, short-term trading and long-term trading. Other interesting topics to me are the currency strength indicators and imbalances. All very scientific.


In summary, we would know much more about the apps themselves but recommend that you due diligence on all additional resources and tools. This category is very interesting but can be expensive unless you use the correct tools. The market can swing very quickly and it’s always to remember that you can lose money very fast.

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