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How a Travel Management App Can Be Beneficial for You?

02 Mar 2020 Developer News
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In the era of digitalization, Travel Management App Features is one of the main key factors for the successes of a traveling company. A travel management app features should consist of a proper system of booking, tracking and analyzing all the progression including travel inventory management, reporting, etc. In this post, I will discuss the key app features that can generate positive results for a travel management company.


Key Benefits of Using Corporate Travel Management App


Avoiding in Miss-Communication:


The corporate travel management app features have the options of inventory management, advance notification system, data of canceled trip, etc. This helps to avoid any type of miss-communication. These features consist of a complete financial invoicing system that provides details by breaking down every traveling cost.


Support Compliance: 

The app features consist of instant support compliance by direct chat or calling customer care representative. Hence, customers can get instant support from corporate travel companies in case of any disruption.


Automation Process:

The booking process through the corporate travel management app is done by the automation process. Once an employee uploads his/her user profile, the management app features save the data related to employee id, passport, etc. which help to book successive booking in less time. The benefits of these applications are as follows.


Inventory Management:

The inventory management is one of the key features of the corporate travel Management app. The inventory management should be AI-Driven and generates personalized results according to the inventory. This corporate travel management app feature makes the search result easier and helps to main a transparent travel policy.


Compliance Management:


One of the important features of these application features in the present days is to make a good compliance management system. These travel apps’ features should be reflected in search results also. I am writing here some examples of clearly stated policies regarding this type of travel management application for your better understanding. These policies are made to avoid any type of heated argument in the future.

  1. Policies of the hotel rate, total travel cost, and other rentals.
  2. Showing the pros and cons
  3. Special policies and features for special corporate travelers like CEO, executives, etc.

Transparent Invoice:

Transparent invoice is one of the most important features of these applications as this can build or destroy long term relationship. A transparent invoice should provide all the expense details like taxi rides, hotel rent, dinner cost, etc. A transparent invoice makes easier to calculate the total traveling expenses of a period. 


Customizable Travel Policies:

A customizable travel policy is one of the key features of these applications. The traveler needs to customize the in-app policies such as:

  1. Reduced rate at a nearby hotel
  2. Global policies for the nightly rate of hotel
  3. Maximum flight cost
  4. Maximum train cost

The travel management system should have the feature to allow their traveler to preset the travel policy so that the booking process gets easier.


Integration with Company’s Event:

One of the important features of management app features in present days is to make integration with the company's event or with the employees' calendars. Corporate travel is often done in a single booking of several people. Hence, these types of the application need to update simultaneously according to any changes or new bookings. The corporate traveling app should notify about the upcoming tips in advance to avoid any type of miss-communication.


Customized Approval Workflow:

One of the important features of these applications in the present days is Customized approval Workflow. The travel management app should include approved workflows pattern in the app platform. The travel management system should consist of a robust customization workflow system to make the whole workflow seamless to save time and avoid any disruption. The customized approval workflow should notify the appropriate team to take responsibility instantly whenever needed.


Travel Support Option:

One of the important features of the corporate travel management app is an instant travel support option. Every single traveler should be able to get travel support in any kind of problem by chat, email or calling customer care. Beside of that travel, support option should be free and experienced support employees should handle any disruption.


Travel Review:

It’s really important to update the corporate travel status by the traveling managers to manage successive booking, issuing a refund, booking status, out-of-policy request, travel in progress, canceled trips. There should be login features for corporate travel managers and the information should be correct and transparent. This travel review system can make traveling experiences seamless.


User Profile:

A good user profile is the main priority of the corporate travel management app. In a user profile, data related to employee name, corporate card, passport numbers, etc. are filled in automatically. Every time any employee needs to book for traveling, he/she should be able to book using the user profile not by filling every time. This makes the booking experience easier. The feature of the user profile should also use the system of loyalty points that will allow the user to get a discount to repetitive booking. Hence, the application should save travel numbers and types.



The cost of the corporate traveling management app is increased based on the features you need to be inserted on the app. But this is worth investing as the whole traveling experiences can be improved by implementing these features. The corporate travel management app features that are mentioned above can please your customer and also make the whole traveling management process easier with advanced analytic by optimizing traveling features. By these corporate travel Management App Features, the employees get more choice for the flexible booking process and get more control to manage the date of traveling and budget. Hence, these app features are also important for building trust and relationship for the long term with the partner companies as these application features give details of every penny spend on the business trip.

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