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7 Android Apps for the Wonderful Weekends

03 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Apps for the weekend
Apps for the weekend

Weekends are for more than sleeping in. Many people prefer spending their time developing new skills, visiting new places, and trying new things. For those who also love relaxing with their smartphones, we recommend installing the following apps; they will tease your brain, challenge your skills, and are guaranteed to entertain you on the weekends.



Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a card duel game where players acquire new cards, collect decks, and fight enemies using powerful heroes. There are several amazing decks and characters to collect, and the game developer, Blizzard, is constantly working to add more cards and content. The game can be played in both PvP and PvE modes. Players may find similar apps and games for the weekend, but Hearthstone is definitely worth playing.


Mobile Slots and Casino Online

There are dozens of mobile casinos available on Android today. Casino Online is a great way to spend time on the weekend, playing roulette and card games. Players may use demo accounts or play with real money. Numerous online tournaments are conducted every single day, so every player will find something to their preferences. More advantages of such apps include:

  • Creative design, no software “glitches”, and ease of navigation
  • Games from well-known developers
  • Responsive support online, with round-the-clock chat and communication through instant messengers
  • A large selection of convenient, mobile-based payment systems
  • Various bonuses (e.g., deposit, no deposit, free spins, welcome). Some casinos have a special bonus system for mobile players
  • Free games.


Training Apps You'll Use This Weekend

1 Peak

Peak is a set of mini-games that are divided into groups. There are exercises for training your memory, thinking speed, mindfulness, and much more. This is an excellent app to tease one’s brain and is great for both spending time alone or with friends.

2 Lumosity

Developed by neuroscientists, Lumosity is one of the most popular apps for training memory, attention, and other mental abilities. Players have to perform exercises that may seem simple at first glance, but in fact, require a lot of mental effort. In general, Lumosity’s tasks are similar to those offered in Peak, but the apps differ in interface and content.



This wonderful app promises to develop different fields of knowledge, but it will be of most interest for English students; the tasks are based in the humanities, testing players on reading, writing, and listening. For example, Elevate will give players a short text followed by a comprehension quiz.


Puzzles of Da Vinci: Quiz

The game is simple: players are asked a question with four possible answers and must choose the right one. Puzzles are divided into multiple categories, such as business, science, cities, and more. To solve mathematical tasks, Da Vinci has an in-built calculator. Players can simply answer questions or conduct battles with a random player online.


DOOORS - Room Escape Game

Virtually trapped in a room, players must solve all of the room’s mysteries in order to escape. There are only fifty levels in DOOORS for Android, but they are enough to challenge the problem-solving skills. Google Play does not offer that many essential apps of this type, so DOOORS deserves to be called a Game of the Weekend.



Nowadays, people not only want to get fun while playing mobile games but also to acquire new skills and challenge themselves. Even though there are more than 2.5 million apps available on Google Play, not all of them are worth playing on your weekends. However, all of the above apps come with high recommendations as excellent sources of fun and personal development.

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