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Top 5 Apps For Students To Learn New Language

11 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Apps have made it so easy to learn languages that you do not need a physical tutor. The apps also allow you to learn multiple languages simultaneously. You can learn anywhere you wish and at a lower cost. An exceptional language app will help you to ace my homework without relying on the assistant of private tutors.



There are thousands of apps online to assist you in learning different languages. The choice of the best app must consider the ease of learning since there will be no tutor. It must also provide the best user experience. Here is a review of the best apps for language enthusiasts.


1 Memrise

The app provides a chance to learn any language you can imagine around the world. The courses on the app are standardized to enable you to expand your vocabulary. Such standardization will help you to use the language formally and still fit into the language-speaking community. Memrise also comes with an element of fun. The app community creates a new language that you can also learn or contribute to. It will also teach you the street versions associated with these languages. Memrise is an exceptional app because it incorporates memes in learning. It ranks among the most innovative and futuristic apps for learning languages.

2 Babbel

Babbel is unique because of the formal approach to learning. It helps you to take the lessons seriously and, therefore, enhance your skills. It comes with a minimalistic design that will ensure that learning is not overwhelming.  The examples provided come for ordinary conversations. It makes practical application easier and learning faster. Lesson designs are also convenient. A lesson takes 15 minutes, leaving you more enthusiastic about learning. Such short lessons also allow you to learn while you travel, during breaks, or such other convenient sessions.

3 Lingua Lift

Do you want to learn a language seriously? LinguaLift is the perfect app to consider. Content on the app is heavily structured. You will also receive a tutor to guide you through the learning process. The tutors will pop up or are available live anytime you have a question. LinguaLift provides the most natural language learning experience because it will allow you to choose a level. Further, the app suggests new resources useful at boosting your language capability. It is an incredible app, whether you are a beginner, intermediate learner, or operating at an expert level.

4 DuoLingo

DuoLingo is for learners who enjoy a fun environment. The app is colorful and features short courses, games, and exercises to make learning easier. DuoLingo is designed to facilitate the learning of two languages at the same time. DuoLingo acts like a professional teacher who will review basic lessons even at advanced level. The feature ensures that you do not forget the lessons taken earlier. It integrates different learning materials like stories and tests to enable you to master the areas of learning. The subscription option provides an ad-free experience that will make it easier to understand whichever language you are learning.

6 Hello Talk

One of the tricks used to learn languages is to find a partner. It is not always possible to find a learning partner who is as enthusiastic as you may be. Hello Talk provides a solution by allowing you to practice the lessons already learnt. It creates real conversations that enable you to adapt fast. The conversations are in native structure, enabling you to attain the highest levels of accuracy.


Reviews of language learning apps help you to avoid scams by identifying the easiest app to use. The features of an app will help you to establish whether an app can help you to learn. Whether an app is free or based on subscription, your target should be features that help you to acquire a new language quickly.

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