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Best Apps for Distance Education

11 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Distance learning has become a common phenomenon in today’s world. Many students prefer studying from home more so if they are engaged in other activities. Currently, you might find a student working for a company that specializes in nursing writing services. Hence, they prefer to work and study part-time and in the comfort of their home. That being the trend if you are gearing up for distance education. There are many phone or pc applications that are essential. They will help you study at ease. So, the following are the best software that will help you in distance education.



Studying away from school can be very challenging but with the current changes in technology. Now you can research and communicate with lecturers and students seamlessly. With scrible, you can discuss your research projects with your tutor or fellow students and get help. You can do the following if you have scrible in your devices.

  • Save webpages for later use
  • Bookmark websites in the cloud
  • Store files in the cloud
  • Create your library
  • Organize your library with tags
  • Annotate articles in the browser
  • Share annotated articles with other students
  • Post comments

With so much for you, studying away from the learning institution will not be stressful. All you need is to download scrible.



Being a video conferencing software. It has many uses in different sectors of the world’s economy. It is widely used because it is easily accessible and free. So, as a distance learner Skype will be essential to you in many ways. First, attend lectures from the comfort of your home. Secondly, I get to interact with other students and teachers after classes. The best thing about this app is that it is compatible with different devices like PCs, smartphones, and tablets.



File sharing is a must when you are a distance learner. Sharing files between you and the educator or student are needed. But without the right software, it can become a challenge. That’s where Dropbox comes into play. Apart from file sharing, you are also capable of storing your files on this software. The only issue about Dropbox is the amount of storage space. If you are using it for free, you will have a limited storage space of about two gigabytes. But for a paid account, you have unlimited storage space. Thus, to get the best out of Dropbox, you need to sign up and download the latest version of the app on your PC or smartphone.



Are you having a group discussion later this evening? Then Speek is here to help you and your group members in having a fruitful conversation without any interruptions. You can also use this app to communicate with your lecturers. The beneficial aspect of Speek is that it is smart and easy to use. Additionally, it has a high-definition voice over internet protocol. If your internet connection is stable, you don’t have to worry about its functionality. However, the only demerit about Speek is that it is only available in North America.



If you want to chat with other students about the progress of assignments or projects, slack is the best app. Apart from talking, you can also conduct group discussions and share files. It is free, and you can download it on your Android device. Visit for more information.



Communication is vital when it comes to long-distance learning. Without it, you will have issues when it comes to studying. The following apps are essential to making your online learning a success. Thank you for reading. Please share this piece with your friends and family members who are on distance learning. For any queries, please leave a comment on the comment section and we will respond promptly.


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