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Top Productivity Apps for Students of Modern Colleges

17 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Education now and 10 years ago seems to be so different! And, in reality, this observation makes sense, – what learners of the previous years didn’t even imagine as possible, we have at our full disposal today. That is why, having considered this opportunity, we guess that it’s very inappropriate if, being so privileged, we neglect all the mobile tools for optimizing our studies. We are also eager to remind you that any issue with homework can be solved with the help of WriteMyPaper4Me, – the widely trusted online service for dealing with academic written tasks of any complexity level. Thus, to make your life better, we have created a small list of extremely helpful apps that help students save time, find inspiration and insight, store necessary files, create the atmosphere for learning, and take quick notes. To find out what will suit your individual learning needs, read this article on.


We will start from the simplest apps and move on to the most demanding and specific ones in case you need them for your studies or presentations.

  • EverNote.

If you show us the person who has never heard of it, we’ll pay you for that (just kidding). This tool is great for taking notes of any kind, anytime. You can even create a whole note gallery or organize information the way you want. Noting down lectures or conferences is also a good idea with EverNote. Linked to Google cloud, the notes will never go into the blue!

  • Rev Voice Recorder.

Being irreplaceable to buy students who have no desire to rewrite to relisten lectures, seminars, or interviews, this smart Android app lets you find the place you want to specify in the transcript of the recording so that you can catch up anytime.

  • GroupMe.

Need a convenient tool for keeping in touch with a university group? The best version would be a chat with no bugs and errors, not overloaded with GIFs or smileys, yet engaging and simple to use, and GroupMe is praised by many college students.

  • Prezi.

The tried and true presentation program, almost classics of today’s college presentation techniques. Prezi is bright, creative, fast, and convenient to use, – each feature makes it worth while using. Besides, you can download your full presentation in any format available to share it via email for more comfort.  

  • Todoist.

This is literally the best planner existing on the planet! Here you are your own boss, setting tasks and filters that you count as fitting, leaving reminders, to-do lists for the day, and shopping lists not to buy anything ‘out of plans’. Plus, in the minimalistic and incomparably cute design, it will be number 1 for you, we can promise that. 

  • Adobe Spark.

While you might think this is a program only for those who deal with graphic design, you’re mistaken because creating posters, infographics, and invitation letters here is more than simple. This tool can also serve as a brilliant online photo editor (one month is totally free).

  • Pixelmator.

Pixelmator is power. Professional looking graphics, chances to edit and improve photos, and create your own images on Mac or iPad, publishing them on Twitter, Facebook and having access to them from other platforms, – all of this makes your pictures look like premium creation of a professional designer. 

  • Headspace.

When you’re often consumed by studies, it’s important to unwind from time to time, seek inspiration and do the meditation live. If you just need some more pleasure in life, when a usual alarm melody is working as an irritator on you, – then this app is for you. By setting it up onto your phone or other device, you transform your usual sleep and wake up rhythms and find it easier to stay in prayer daily.

  • Final Cut Pro.

Maybe, a bit complicated, as for a beginner student, this instrument is helpful as a video editor. Moreover, it’s professional and recently Apple has launched its selling for the budget cost. So, today to be a pro you don’t need an expensive subscription, – Apple’s discount for the video creating set of the world-class is enough!


So, don’t wait and use the next big thing to make your studies more productive, – set up those apps, and don’t forget about

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