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How Secure Are Your Confidential Documents In Photocopying And Printing Services?

17 Mar 2020 Developer News
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If walls have ears to your conversations, your photocopier and scanner sure has eyes to your documents. Most companies use these machines to produce and send copies of important documents to other clients and colleagues. Some of the information in these documents should be restricted to only a few concerned people. If you use machines that do not secure your data and privacy, you are at risk of leaking the contents and information into the wrong hands. Copier security is important since some of these are also integrated with computers which use hard drives and connectivity. Do not risk your confidential documents falling into the hands of hackers by ensuring you are equipped and secured.


Install Security for Your Machines

The IT system in your office should be properly secured by installing necessary anti malware and firewall features. These features will restrict and limit access to only the trusted people and connection in your company. If it has a web interface then you have to  make a strong and a long password that you would only entrust to a limited personnel only. It is recommended that your IT technician should always view the printer's status and configure important settings of the printer and scanner.


Use Preventive Measures

The placement of your machines is an important aspect you have to keep in mind. It shouldn't be in places where it can be easily accessed by anyone, even to people who want to mine data stored in the memory of these machines. Activate user authentication so that people will be forced to provide their identity if they want to print or make a copy of documents. This will discourage any illicit behavior from happening.Put them in offices where only restricted and authorized people can access. If you have an area dedicated to these machines and people to man these areas, then that's a preventive way to secure your data. You should aim to make your workplace a smart office wherein you have a comprehensive solution to centralize all your document management processes. This will not only prevent any danger in losing data but you also protect the safety of your gadgets and machines.



Encrypt Your Connection and Your Hard Drive

Encrypting means you protect your data by converting it into codes and symbols so that other people won't be able to understand it. You can encrypt both your hard drive and your connection so you can have an additional layer of security. Additionally, you can clear your devices cache memory and history from time to time. This is like digitally shredding any file that you have. Even retired machines should be cleared of their stored data as well.


Since data these days are one of the most valuable assets, you cannot afford losing them to the wrong hands. It is important that even your photocopying and printing services are safe and protected so that your confidential documents remain confidential between you and the concerned employees only. You have to employ all the necessary measures right at the beginning so can be protected all throughout.

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