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5 Tips For Choosing A Safe Online Casino App

19 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Online gambling may be a fun activity a wide part of society partakes in, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe and secure. Just because that casino app on your phone is enjoyable and easy to use doesn’t mean you should trust it with your money. You don’t have to be a master developer or work in the industry to know which online casino apps you should trust and which ones you should delete.



Check their license

You wouldn’t gamble at a casino that isn’t regulated, so why would you act differently with a casino app? The confidence you get from walking into a genuine casino you can see with your own eyes may be hard to recreate on a phone, but that doesn’t mean you should be flippant. The first thing you should do when downloading a casino app is to check who they are regulated by. All online casinos are required to have a license from one of the major regulatory bodies in order to operate. These bodies are a symbol of legitimacy for users and keep an eye on the industry. Their job is to ensure players are given a fair deal by the casinos and offer somewhere to turn to should they feel they’ve been cheated or are being treated irresponsibly. If you ever have a situation in which a casino is refusing to let you withdraw your winnings, for example, this is who you could turn to for advice and a resolution. As well as proper licensing, it’s vital you see how the industry is talking about the app you’re about to use. If they’re not reviewed or referenced on leading websites, you can start to ask questions. You can be assured of the legitimacy of a website such as PKR Games for example, as its details and story are featured on a leading industry website.


Do they have a diverse games library?

A diverse games library is often a sign of a well made online casino app. It’s also a sign of a secure one. If the app you’re using only has one or two game types, not only are they going to get boring after a while and fail to attract enough players to really test yourself against, they might be the sign of something more nefarious. An app with limited game selections could be something that’s been temporarily added to the app store with the intention of attracting as many players as possible quickly, before disappearing with the cash that’s been deposited and the details along with it. It’s not an impossible situation and would be relatively easy to do if players aren’t savvy enough. Don’t get caught out by a casino app that’s been quickly slapped together to trick a few customers. Be one of the observant ones and do your in-app research on their game choices. A couple of slots won’t cut it.


Who built the app?

Who is responsible for developing the app can be a great way of telling how safe it is. Bad developers are a big red flag. Just because someone can make an app doesn’t mean they’re doing it well, or for the right reasons. When you download an online casino app for the first time have a look into who it’s developed by. Research their prior work and what kind of reaction they’ve received and their standing within the industry. Are they known for having technical issues or had their apps removed from major app stores before? At best it’s a sign they’re not very good at their jobs, at worst it could be a sign of criminal activity. Make sure you read customer reviews of the app you’re downloading and any other apps the developer may have built. All major app stores will have a reviews section and individual score attached to each available game. If the scores are consistently bad and people are sharing concerns about stealing, stay as far away as you can.


What’s their customer service like?

Customer service is an essential part of a website or app that we rarely look at until we actually need it. Next time you download a casino app, take a dive into their customer service policies. If they don’t have one at all, that’s an instant sign of incompetence or trouble. Either way, they’re a company that can’t be trusted with your money. If they do have one, study the fine print. There are standards you should expect to see from a customer service page. Try getting in touch as part of your research. What is their attitude? Do they sound like a company that is concerned with solving your problem? Contact info is equally vital. Do they even offer a way to get in touch? In this case, an email address simply isn’t enough and you’re going to need to have a phone number and address for real peace of mind.


Research their withdrawal process

Withdrawing and depositing cash are the cornerstones of the online gambling experience. Apps have made this process doable in just a few taps of a finger, which is exactly why you need to proceed with maximum caution. Depositing your cash may be a simple process, but how easy is it to withdraw it? This is a great opportunity for a customer service check, as you can ask them what the process of withdrawing cash you may have accidentally deposited entails. If there’s more than a 24 hour waiting time (the standard for most banks) then you may have cause for concern and are owed an explanation as to how long it will take. There should be clear guidelines explaining the withdrawal process within the terms and conditions or on their desktop website. However, sometimes a longer deposit time can simply be a case of the casino running proper verification. In this case, make sure you always read their terms and conditions before parting with any money.


Online gambling is something that should be done with extreme caution and restraint. Don’t let your excitement cloud your judgment and make you take a risk with an app that looks too good to be true. Follow these safety tips and your own intuition.

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