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Top iPhone Apps for Book Writing: 7 Tools for Authors

20 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Writing apps

We are living in a time when writing has become a very easy process. Authors all over the world are no longer using pen and paper to write books. With the availability of smartphones, authors are now using smartphone applications to work on books. In this post, we are going to discuss 7 iPhone apps that are very popular with authors.




What to look for in a writing app

Writing is a hard process, even for professional writers. Fortunately, a tool can make the process a lot easier. A lot of students with part-time jobs use custom essay writing services to get their academic papers written by professional writers. These students can benefit from writing apps. Before we start discussing popular writing apps, let's see what makes a writing app really good. Now we are going to discuss the qualities of writing tools. Here are a few qualities to look for:



A writing app should have a good design because this is what most writers need. It should have an appealing design to make you interested in writing. It should be free from visual barriers, and ideally, it should have an eye-catching look. 


Ease of use

Making the process easier is the main purpose of designing this tool. If it is hard to use the tool, the writers will find it hard to use the critical features. The features of a good tool should be intuitive so that anybody can use them without any prior experience. 


Workflow options

The features of a good app should be consistent with the flow of your work. Every writer has a preferred style and method, and a writing app should make it easy to apply that particular style or method. When you are writing, you should be able to focus only on your task and not on the technical complexities of the tool. These complexities are simply distractions, and distractions can hurt you in many ways.


Export options

You are using a writing tool to work on your pieces, but ultimately the words will be transferred somewhere else. You will find it easy to move the content if the export options are flexible. The process should be simple so that you do not have to worry about the technical issues. 


Update history

You also have to make sure that it is actively developed. You will be really disappointed if you later find that the tool is no longer supported.  An ideal tool should be easy to update. We are living in a time when writing has become a very easy process. Authors all over the world are no longer using pen and paper to write books. With the availability of smartphones, authors are now using smartphone applications to work on books. In this post, we are going to discuss 7 iPhone apps that are very popular with authors.


Top iPhone apps for writing


1. Editorial

Editorial functions smoothly and makes the process of writing easy and fun. Editorial has some amazing features such as Dropbox integration and multi-tab browser. For mark-down task paper and foundation documents, it offers an inline preview. Some new features have been added to the latest version of Editorial. Now it is even easier to distinguish the editor from the preview. It comes with improved performance, and it has two modes: light and dark.

2. Byword

When it comes to writing on a tablet or smartphone, Byword is really a useful editor. The sole purpose of designing this app is to make writing fun and easy. With this app, you will be able to put your words smoothly. It supports TEXT, TXT, MMD, MD, MARKDN, MARKDOWN, MKDN, MDOWN, and MARKD file formats. It has an appealing look and it works flawlessly. Once you have finished writing, you can easily get HTML or PDF documents. Byword is one of the most popular writing tools out there. 

3. iA Writer Pro

A free word processor is one of the best writing tools for serious writers. If you need a simple but useful app, you will find this one very helpful. In this tool, you will find all the features of a premium what processor. An amazing thing about this app is that it is completely free. This app is compatible with iPhone and iPad. iA Writer Pro is different from other tools in multiple ways. Over the years, it has received a phenomenal reception, and people all over the world are using it with great satisfaction.

4. 1Writer

For iOS, this is an amazing note taking application. You can easily download it and run it on your iPad or iPhone. You can use the tool to do your research, put down ideas, and revise important text. 1writer is a simple but efficient iPhone app for writing. Once you start using this app, you will fall in love with it, partly because it offers almost all text editing features. It is also important to note here that this tool lacks features such as word count, markdown preview, insert a photo, dark theme, an extra row of the keyboard, and more. Nevertheless, this tool has become widely popular in recent years.

5. Pages

Designed by Apple, this is an alternative to Microsoft word. If you give this a try, it will not disappoint you. Although Pages is not widely used, it is highly admired by people who use it regularly. It is specifically designed for iOS, so you will not have to worry about compatibility. In this tool, you will find every feature you need for your job. This professional word processor can add joy to writing. This is arguably the most comprehensive app for word processing. The app is also known for its fast responsiveness. Although it takes a fairly large chunk of space when installed, it works smoothly. Pages also allow you to open documents in other apps.

6. Ulysses

This app is named after a great novel and that makes sense. It can inspire you to work on big projects. You need an iOS device to run this app. It allows you to manage documents more effectively and offers you a pleasant writing experience. The process of synchronizing is almost instant. If you visit the App Store, you will notice that Ulysses is a very popular writing app. Professional writers all over the world are using this tool with great satisfaction. The app can increase your productivity by encouraging immersion, thanks to its amazing features. Everything you write is recorded in the unified library of the tool. So you not have to remember your blog posts, simple notes, and love letters. They will be stored accordingly. It has a simple but effective design and it is very easy to use. The app has great export options and workflow options. It can be easily synchronized across other iOS devices. 

7. Wordsmith

If you are an aspiring writer, Wordsmith can be a great tool for your writing projects. It runs on iPad and iPhone. Wordsmith has a lot of features and the app can be easily integrated into Dropbox and UI. You can also use it on the iPod touch. This great app is popular with thousands of writers around the world. The app also offers a crossword-style game, which is very popular. The game offers a fun way to learn words. It can make the learning process a lot of fun. These are just a few iPhone apps for writing, and the list is not comprehensive at all. New apps are being released every month, and some of them are really great. Using the right app can certainly help you become more productive and creative.



More and more people are using smartphone apps for writing. In this post, you will learn about 7 iOS apps for authors.

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