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Top Apps and Software to Control Servo Motors: Main Features and Review

23 Mar 2020 Developer News
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Do you know that you can program a 12 axes motion controller in less than one hour? Fortunately, there is a software that helps auto-tune your drives. This software even runs diagnostic routines on motors, drives, and even integrated motion systems to diagnose any problems. Yes, it is all possible with the use of software for handheld devices and computers. From setting up your drive to operating and maintaining it, here are some of the top servo motor control apps and software.



iPhone apps

While smartphones are ideal for normal cell phone actions and interesting games like RRRunner that keep you occupied for hours, your smartphone is also a valuable tool for developing control motion applications using these top apps.


KeiganCore app is developed for Keigan Corporation. It’s an application that allows users to wirelessly control one or more KeiganMotors from their iPhone. Compatible with iOS 10.2 and higher, the app is also an effective way of creating systems and robots that move in real-time with visual programming. KeiganCore is also supported by Android OS version 6.0 and higher devices.


The easy-to-use features include:

  • Edit tab for creating, editing, and saving robot and simple motor operation programs
  • A control screen that allows operation of the motors in real-time
  • Easy wireless pairing to KeiganMotors via    Bluetooth Low Energy
  • A screen for sharing and reading robot and motor programs with the capacity to download templates
  • A setting tab for changing the language
  • Capability to sense position, velocity, and torque applied to the motor




GlueMotor2 is an app that makes use of an iOS 11 and higher device’s headphone jack and a simple straight connection to control hobby servo motors. This app is also available for Android devices via the Google Play Store. GlueMotor2 generates a Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) signal as audio, which controls the connected servo motors. A simple user interface converts onscreen coordinates of the touch location to the width of PWM signals, allowing you to control two servos simultaneously.


Panasonic Motor Setup App

The Panasonic Motor Setup App is for setting up Panasonic’s MINAS series servo drivers. The app allows setting up of parameters and monitoring the operating status of a servo driver via a wireless LAN dongle or a USB cable.


Some of the features that make it one of the top servo motor control apps include:

  • A setup wizard for setting basic settings and monitoring input data
  • Fit gain function for checking results and adjusting gain according to requirements
  • Life expectancy that estimates the life of main components like capacitors and fans
  • A temperature monitor system for the encoders internal temperature during motor evaluation and trouble checking



EASII Software introduction

Elmo Motion Control is a leading advanced motion solutions provider that is committed to making the process of setting up a new machine in motion easy. One of their solutions is the Elmo Application Studio II (EASII), now in its 2nd generation. EASII is an all-in-one software application that helps reduce the application development time tremendously. The application also helps tune your machine to perform at an optimal level while providing a one-stop setup packed with more tools than the servo motor control apps above. The overall design intends to provide optimal results every time.

Some of the features in Elmo’s EASII application include:

  • EtherCAT Network Auto-Configuration for identifying and configuring connected Elmo servo drives without manually setting up IP addresses for each drive
  • A Quick Tuning Wizard tunes servo drives for initialization, assignment, commutation, and assigning position as well as velocity. The wizard conducts expert motion testing by making the necessary drive adjustments in a matter of minutes
  • Dual Loop Tuning mechanism quick creation of dual-loop configurations as well as dual loop tuning to meet high-performance demands
  • Virtual CANopen Gateways to all servo drives on the standard    CANopen network that allows separate tuning of the drive, critical data uploads, receiving data that fits set profiles
  • EASII enables Non-Linear Friction Compensation to overcome friction created at motion start using numerous ways, including an offset filter command
  • 3D Robot Configurator and Animation for dynamic configuration of a 3D robot’s movement and animation shown of the actual robot movements
  • A customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Windows-based multi-language support
  • Easy access to online exercises to speed up setting up EASII and online self-paced tutorials


Overall, EASII 2.5 is a customized tool designed to make motion control processes simple. This is in line with Elmo’s commitment to providing a complete solution for all motion control applications. It’s your turn now to create an innovative robot application that will wow in this digital era.



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