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Champions league. What will be?

24 Mar 2020 Developer News
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With the world in such turmoil over the current Coronavirus situation, we must still try to carry on lives as normal as possible. Our website has increase traffic due to more people staying home now with pages like best apps for charades and best apps for scrabble being very popular. One strange spike in the number of visits has been the visitors looking to find out what will happen to the Champions League this year. With matches postponed and the very likely possibility that the event itself becoming null and void until the next season, it’s small comfort for Liverpool fans that they may become known as the only team to hold the title for a period of 2 years. Small comfort but maybe to some extent it compensates for the probable cancellation of the Premiership 2019/2020.


I am personally a huge fan of the Champions league app as it has been a very exciting annual event since 1955 when it was known as the European cup, with Real Madrid winning the first 5 contests, and for the last few years I used it to keep up to date with events as they happened. I now wait daily news on the outcome for this year’s contest and have notifications turned on in the Champions league app so that I can receive alerts as the news happens. I also get feedback from blogs like Champions League which are useful for snippets of information that I need to know.  Being a big Liverpool fan, I am very much invested in what will happen, despite them being eliminated last week.

Having reviewed many sports related apps in the past, it starts to dawn on me that many will be redundant for the next few months it seems.  My daily schedule includes checking in on the live sports results, leaderboards in the Major gold tournaments like the Masters that was scheduled for the beginning of April. I am missing all of that more so now as I am at home 24/7 due to the current quarantine restrictions where I live. I also do a lot of sports related reviews and that will have to change a little due to the shift in priorities recently. I am not looking forward to now doing so many charade app reviews but I guess that’s important at this time.

Hopefully though, this all will soon pass and the world can return to some degree of normality. On the one hand it’s only sport, but then on the other hand, sports, art and quality of life are all what we try to achieve. During this time though we must remember the heartache of those effected around the world, while at the same time look forward to the eventual return to like as we used to know it.

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