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Steering Clear of Counterfeit Software

04 Apr 2020 Developer News
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We live in a technology-driven world. Virtually everything that we do is influenced by the personal tech that we carry around all the time. We use rideshares, order food, attend virtual meetings, etc. What makes all of this possible, from how we interact with modern tech to how we influence it back, is all dictated by software. We’re all familiar with the uses of software in one way or another. Our primary introduction is usually installing a word processor of some kind into our laptop or PC. But have we really put any thought into where we got the program? People tend to let their friends borrow pin codes and disks and copies of everything they’ve got. This, ultimately, isn’t the greatest idea. Even more importantly, it’s a good idea to steer clear of obvious bootleg or counterfeit copies. Why? Well, here are a few reasons to put it all into perspective.


No Updates or Fixes

Programs aren’t perfect. They have to be updated and some of the bugs have to be cleared out every once in a while. Now, as much as those pop-ups to update may annoy some, they really are a means to give you, the consumer, a better experience. If you’re working on a spreadsheet program and keep running into the same error every time you’re working, what good would it be to keep using the thing? If you buy counterfeit, there are no fixes. It’s just going to be the same weird bugs over and over again without any fixes. As a customer, you want to be able to visit website reviews and services on the products you buy. Long time industry experts like Software Planet have available resources to make sure you’re getting the right, updated version of everything you need. It always pays off in the end.


Illegal = No Guarantees

If you buy counterfeit software from some dealer at a cellphone shop downtown, you best believe that you have no guarantee on the product. They may offer you something for 50% off of the original price. That sounds like a good deal, especially with a good sales pitch. The truth is, as an illegal product, you can't just go back to them and demand another one. That’s on you. They have no obligation, to be honest to you with an illegal product. What are you going to do, go to the police and tell them you knowingly purchased stolen property? That’s not happening either. You’re stuck with no money and a faulty product. That alone should serve as a primary deterrent.


No Customer Service

An amazing feature of modern software is its customer service options. No software is perfect, and we know that. Thank goodness there are teams out there that can offer support in case we need help. Of course, when something goes wrong, we call and yell at the kid across the world as if they have a magic wand to fix our problem. But when you stop and think about the idea behind customer service options, it’s really quite amazing. You have, for as long as you are in possession of that product, access to a whole team whose job it is to make your life easier while fixing your problems. You don't get that with stolen goods.


Viruses Galore

If there’s anything that links all stolen and counterfeit software together, it’s that they’re the perfect means to get into your computer. Spyware, malware, and weird viruses are part and parcel of the counterfeit software industry. They know it’s illegal. You know it’s illegal. They have no qualms about using malware to gain access to your most personal information. That’s credit cards, social security numbers, affiliations, passwords—everything. All because you thought it would be a good idea to save a few bucks. They all have something. That’s a very well known fact. So if you find that little things here and there don’t seem right with your bank account, and you’ve been known to buy counterfeit software, you can pretty much draw a direct link between the two.

It is tempting to load up on stolen software. Some are so inexpensive that you can just buy a bunch of them and see which one works. This is especially rampant in third world countries. Fortunately, there are more and more options for people all around the world. With the advancement of technology, these programs—especially essential ones like word processors, are becoming inexpensive, if not, free. It is always better to buy from a reputable website or use non-profit, open-source products. You lessen the risk of getting a virus. You lessen the risk of running into bugs. Above all, you’re not contributing to a gross criminal enterprise.

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