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The Definitive Guide on Esport Betting

20 Apr 2020 Developer News
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The world of gaming has changed dramatically, to say the least. Back in my day, it was all about gameboys, SEGA, Nintendo you name it. Of course, hitting up the arcades at the mall was a perfectly spent afternoon. With the digital age, our hobbies have turned into lucrative opportunities for those interested in esport betting. In this article, I will be providing the lowdown to the fast-paced world of esports.

Let’s dive right in!


What is eSports

Esports often confused with betting on video gaming. Although similar, esports is highly competitive and features specialized appointed players that play on esport betting sites. They come together to create competitions between individuals and teams from around the world. Esports is not new, but like most things, it wasn’t until celebrities like Mark Cuban and Drake dove in that people really started taking notice. In fact, it has gotten so popular, that as of 2020, esports betting has hit the billion-dollar mark, actually the $1.5 billion mark!


How do I start?

Most people begin their esports journey as an observer. Learning the ropes while watching live games on esport betting sites. Some esport betting sites offer academy’s where you can learn all about the different types of games people are betting on, strategies and tactics, as well as common mistakes to avoid. Like other forms of betting, esports offers a unique betting structure, as you can bet on winners, losers, as well as items you would only find in the world of video games. For example, it is common to bet on the first kill, the first level up, total maps played, and total rounds as well. Each of these offers its own betting odds and rationale. Learning from the pros on sites like Rivalry will help you get the skills to win your bets.


Game Types

People play all sorts of video games, but what you like to play may not be what you want to bet on. For example, first-person shooter games are fun when you are alone in an arena you may prefer real-time strategy, or the very popular multiplayer online battles, known as MOBA. Here is just a few of the most popular esports games you can bet on:

  1. League of Legends
  2. Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  3. DOTA
  4. eSports

And so many more.


Odds and Chances of Winning

Learning and understanding odds is paramount to the success of your bet. On Rivalry, you can read and watch about the various elements of esports betting like how to read your esports odds. Here is a quick rundown of how to understand the odds on esport betting sites:

  • Probabilities - You can only win if your outcome idea is better than the bookies
  • Fractional Odds - like ratios these present as follow - $1 bet $3 net means your odds were 3/1.
  • Decimals - just like fractions these are easier to calculate except you have to manually remove your stake to see your net
  • Moneyline - an intricate system uses 100 as a baseline. This is similar to a percentage where -110 would mean you have on the line to win $100. For a positive just divide by 100 and add 1 for the decimal the opposite for a negative.


Wrap Up

The exciting world of esports betting is open to all. Take advantage of learning the odds and how to bet. If you are looking for esports betting sites Click Here...

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