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How To Ensure You Have A Pleasant First Vaping Experience

23 Apr 2020 Developer News
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It has been quite a long time now that we have been made aware of the vaping experience, and since then, it never went out of style. But most people just vape because of the sake of it or are not at all aware of the right procedure, and hardly derives any pleasure from it. However, that must not be the thing if you are here to experience the real vaping comfort. So, we have come up with certain suggestions that would ensure you a pleasant vaping experience with the gradual practice.


Prime the coil before beginning

Before you begin to vape, it is crucial to prime the vaper coil, that is, the puff bar. It is all about moisturizing the wick before you light it up, and only then, one can get the taste of the vapor. If you do not moisturize the coil well, then you might end up getting a dry and burnt taste in the mouth.


Patience is the key

While priming the coil, have some patience because it is not something that can be done at once. Once you put the coil inside the vape tank, it is important to let it soak for at least 10 to 12 minutes. It will take a few minutes for the wick to get completely soaked, and that would give out a  vapor flavor, full of essence.


Knowing the right suction method

If you do not know the right suction method, then it is absolutely impossible to derive pleasure. Once you have soaked the wick for a few minutes, you can start with the suction method and save your time. One needs to close the base of the tank and suck just as one does in the case of vaping, but without turning on the vaping power. The particular procedure would ensure that the wick, soaked into the tank, is thoroughly moisturized and ready to be vaped.


Do not fill till the brim

It is not at all required to fill the vape tank till the brim to derive a better experience. If you have a regular vaping experience, you would already know about the procedure of producing vapor by heating the e liquids. Once the wick is heated, the residual heat then tends to draw more e liquids from the base tank. So, if the wick remains completely saturated by then, it becomes difficult for the air to pass through the vaporizer, thus making the puffs less fuller.


Start with mild E Juices

If you are a beginner, then you must be already excited to try out the extensive range of e liquids for sale available in the market. Though it is great to experiment with a bit of flavor, in the beginning, to get habituated to the vaping experience but make sure the flavors are mild. If you end up with a flavor that is too strong and has a high nicotine content in it, there are chances that you would never want to vape again.


One time dripping at once

Unlike Cartomizers, Vape atomizers do not come with the filler material in them, and this is the reason a majority of the people prefer it. Thus, it is easier to use a hollow drip tip in it than a cartridge. Using a hollow drip allows you to add drops of e-liquid to the vaping atomizers, which will allow less airflow and result in larger vapor puffs led by intense flavor.


Keep it charged

While you continuously use the vape for a period of time, the resistance of the atomizer stays the same, but the battery keeps draining. The prolonged usage of the vape tank might lead to a drop in the total voltage and can even cause minimal vapor production. When the vapor produced is comparatively less, the pleasure and satisfaction derived from it reduce.


We understand that starting with the vaping experience for the first time is not easy, and nobody, literally nobody gets it right. It is only with the gradual practice and by following the above-mentioned procedures suggested by us that one can derive ultimate vaping pleasure.

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