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Changes in gaming apps

04 May 2020 Developer News
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The US court decision last year, that divested administrative control from the Federal to the State level, has led to an increase in the number of sports betting apps available in the AppStore. Over the years we have covered many apps in this category and they fall in to several different categories that cover all the bases if you excuse the pun. The increase in payment methods and faster internet speeds have made the possibility of having a punt accessible to so many more people. Most people, but not all, as the legalization of gambling of more than 30 US states has led to some anomalies like residents of New York having to cross State lines to New jersey to place a bet on their local team. We can only assume that these issues will be ironed out as more states adopt the new rules over the coming months. It certainly makes for strange situations and the term “bet run” has emerged to describe these trips.

Sports betting in Indiana and other States

iGaming or eSports betting is emerging as one of the highest growth sectors with many companies now entering this market and other, well-established high-street names, also arriving. The range is wide covering different States like sports betting in Indiana among many others. Sites like these are what I describe as the comparison sites we have become accustomed to in flight booking and insurance quotations bring analysis and recommendations to the user that can easily be lost in the myriad of options available in the market. Covering many aspects of the industry, these sites offer tips and some sound advice about what and how to place your bets. Listing many different sites that offer gambling in several regions around the world, it is always useful to have a compilation available that we can refer to when needed.

Different categories

The main category that we have covered would be the standard sports betting apps that offer odds and the ability to place bets on sports events around the world. Many are only available in the UK but are starting to spread out across the different states in the US that they can now operate in. There are some initial hurdles that they must jump over for acceptance, but that process is being fast tracked as much as possible. Most sports events like Football, baseball, basketball and horse racing are also covered but many firms also have novelty bets like the Eurovision and political contest. Recently a lot of reality show results can also be bet on too adding an interesting flavour to watching these shows. Apart from the mainstream activities that these apps cover, there are also more and more apps that cover niche categories within the eSports arena. These would include ancillary services like betting odds calculators and form statistics that add value to the industry by giving that extra dimension to the experience. We have covered quite a few and notice that the number and variety of features within these apps is increasing as they become more innovative. Having access to these apps increases the chances of success by adding important information to the user’s knowledge base, and although there is no guarantee of winning, they certainly improve your chances. The extra edge can be the difference in beating the “house” or not beating it.

The future

The growth in eSports betting has also been fuelled by the improvement worldwide in economies as there is now more disposable income available to have these “flutters’> Not counting the current situation, the data over the last few years has seen phenomenal growth in activity. Hopefully, the bad situation now will soon pass and we can all return to normality and place that crucial bet on Liverpool winning the Premiership next year. With sports events being cancelled or postponed on a daily basis it worth remembering that things will return to normal and we will be back supporting our teams and players with an even greater zeal than before.

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