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Best Place for Remote Work for Freelance Writers

09 May 2020 Developer News
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When was the last time you were late for work getting stuck in an endless queue for coffee? What about when you went to your office in a packed bus to the other end of the city? Have you ever thought that you can live differently? Take a look at our selection of best freelance sites for writers. Choose the most suitable option! Many writers fell in love with freelancing for the opportunity to work at home. There are a lot of students who say ‘I am ready to pay someone to do my programming homework,’ and freelance writers can easily help them with their projects. It’s also great to work in your favorite cafe, coworking space, generally anywhere in the world where there is Internet access, or even on the beach!


Top Freelance Sites for Writers

Do you want to work as a freelance writer? Check out our list of freelance sites to find a suitable job.

  • Upwork: The most popular job search site for freelancers. It arose from the merger of oDesk and Elance.
  • Fiverr: Freelancers can offer almost any service. Starting bid is 5 USD per project. Don’t be afraid, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars per day by choosing a narrow-profile job.
  • Freelancer: Work directly with the client. Freelancer is a relatively new platform on the market, but it already has a huge base of specialists and customers. It has free and paid accounts.
  • We Work Remotely: An online bulletin board for all types of freelance services, including writing. The only rule for posting tasks on the site is not to offer an office job.
  • Onsite: A platform for freelancers to earn in various fields. Onsite is only accessible by invitation. In order for your candidacy to be considered, you will have to provide examples of your work.
  • Guru: A job search platform with a fixed hourly fee. There are free and several paid accounts. Paid accounts provide more options.
  • Folyo: A platform where administrators themselves choose freelancers for their customers.
  • Matchist: A platform where customers present a design idea that they want to implement. Matchist appoints a project manager. Then it connects them with freelancers for further cooperation.
  • Indeed: Collects data from jobs across the Internet in one place. You can easily find more than 2,000 remote jobs on the site.
  • Freelanced: A social network designed only for freelancers. You set up your profile and set your bid, then apply for the publication of vacancies on the sites.
  • Virtual Vocations: A database of online remote jobs from over 2,500 verified companies. The site is updated with more than 450 new jobs every day.
  • Working Nomads: Offers a job listing for freelancers.
  • Remotive: A platform for finding remote work.
  • FlexJobs: Find flexible, remote jobs in over 100 job categories.
  • PeoplePerHour: A freelance job posting platform.
  • Crowdsite: A site for finding remote work.
  • YunoJuno: Another great platform that helps businesses find the best freelancers.
  • Krop: With the free trial, you can create a profile and find a job.
  • CloudPeeps: The online community helps businesses find local or remote professionals.
  • Focus: Marketing, content creation, design, and more.

Recommendations for Freelance Writers

Remember that to earn successfully as a freelancer, you must have developed your writing skills. You can learn in the process of work, but do not count on large orders. As a rule, they are taken by more experienced performers.Earnings depend on a large number of factors. I will give only a few of them so that you can understand the approximate situation on the freelance sites. The level of income depends on:

  1. Skill level. The better you understand a certain field, the higher your income will be.
  2. Portfolio and ratings. Larger customers do not work with beginners or freelancers who do not have a portfolio. They value quality, not price. Therefore, they are ready to give more money to professionals. Newcomers, as a rule, are not looked at by such customers.
  3. The time you are willing to devote to freelance. More work equals more money.
  4. Your sociability. While working freelance, you will need to constantly communicate. The better you know how to find a common language with people, the higher your potential income will be.

This article is one of the most helpful tools to find a job if you want to be a freelance writer. Hundreds of possible freelancers will be able to find a job after reading it. We hope that you loved this post as well!

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