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How AI Technology Is Shaking Up The Mobile World

13 May 2020 Developer News
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The mobile industry is making its way to prepare for the future. Developments in technology are starting to replace mobile applications now and this has challenged app developers. Artificial Intelligence is gradually making a hit and the emergence of chatbots is now becoming a trend.

Chatbots can now be used in messaging applications and their presence is expected to increase until the year 2025. Another technology making progress is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). This intelligence system enables business companies to collect information and enables them to come up with solutions that can help human beings in their day to day life. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are perfect examples.


Let’s see how AI Technology can improve mobile app development and its users:

It improves Mobile Application User Experience (UX)

Experts believe that AI can improve user engagement. It gives an analysis of user behavior and patterns of behavior that will help developers in making user-centered interfaces. The AI can collect data about the needs or demands and at times chatbots are present to address and solve defined user problems. If a user feels that his needs are being taken care of properly, the longer he uses the application.

Boosts Automation While Getting Human Feedback

This should not be confused with AI minimizing human tasks. Instead, it means that together with the assistance of chatbots, app developers can easily make improvements and enhance how the app can make tasks easier for humans.

Personalized User Experience

Digital apps are now built and designed to allow users customization based on their preferences which makes them more interested and engaged in using the app. Allowing users to personalize content makes the app adaptive to what the user needs and requires.

Having known these user experience analysis, integrating AI-powered chatbots in mobile applications is a challenge to developers.

Here are some reasons why AI bots are predicted to replace mobile apps:

Users Like Messaging Applications

Almost everyone has a Facebook messenger app and is used as a major communication channel. It is used not only to chat with a friend but to send orders or get information about a certain service. Users prefer getting the message right from the messaging platform rather than talking with a contact center operator. This seems to be less invasive than voice calls. Calls usually require the user to respond immediately and take down notes while on a customer service call. The tendency of losing the information can also happen unlike when it is a text message that can just be found in the message inbox for future reference.

AI bots respond more quickly than a mobile app. During this time of technology advances, apps with too complicated interfaces are now losing the audience. Users prefer AI bot because it works fast. They do not need to leave the messaging application which makes them save time. Bots also load instantly compared with webpages and this is one feature that users would always look for, quick and accurate response.

Chatbots are Less Expensive

Developing a mobile app requires time, effort, and money while chatbots are cheaper to create. Apps require highly skilled developers and user interface designers and there is no guarantee that a mobile app pays off immediately due to a thousand number of competitors.

Chatbot development is easier because the messaging platform is already existing, it is made using the server-side application and it has a simpler user-interface.

AI Bots are More Human

AI bots speak like humans compared with apps. They use human language and this is what appeals to the users. Ai bots respond to requests using the communication language used by humans. Simply, it gives the user the experience of talking to a real human.

This is called Natural Language Processing. NLP enables AI bots to understand the context sent by the user, then it is translated using machine learning techniques to gather the information. As compared to mobile apps, users need to navigate through a lot of menus and follow several steps to get to what they really need, which makes it so difficult for most users to use. AI bots can act as human representatives to help the user dig into the problem and from this solution is provided immediately.

Users are Impatient with Apps

With every brand having its own application, users get confused and overwhelmed with the task of downloading every individual app and these applications take up so much space on their device storage. In addition, these need to be updated from time to time and this makes users impatient with apps. They want something straightforward so they explore AI bots. An example of this is an AI bot that helps the user organize emails and calendars. It coordinates with email recipients if you need to schedule a meeting with them, rather than the user himself checking on his calendar and checking on his colleague’s calendar through email exchanges or calls.

Brands Prefer AI Bots

AI bots are not limited to mobile users, they are highly recommended by marketing brands, too. This is because messaging apps are very popular and it is the easiest way for them to reach their target audience. For business owners, they use AI bots for more improved customer service, a more personal approach to their customers, sales opportunities, and target younger markets. Using AI bots will surely make engagement fulfilling and it can possibly increase a company’s sales. Most of all, AI-powered chatbots can give the business an overview of the customers’ behavior. This will give them retargeted advertising campaigns, personalized offers, or improve marketing strategies to help increase brand loyalty from its customers. AI chatbots are really great. Indeed, AI technology has started to ignite progress in software innovation. Research shows that customer service expenses can be cut by 30% if a business develops its own Ai bot. These AI-powered bots have proven to be effective in various tasks, that is why mobile applications are also leveling up when it comes to providing simple and human-alike communication capabilities to provide their users with customer support and app management.

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